May 19, 2022

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Debanhi Escobar: Friends of a dead young woman testify at the Nuevo Lyon Attorney’s Office | Mexico | Motel Nueva Castilla | Fifth diamond | The world

Women who came with youth Last Thursday night, April 8, the Attorney General of Nuevo Leon (Mexico) announced that they had attended three meetings prior to their meeting in Quinta El Diamonde, where the young woman broke away from the group and then lost her life.

L Universal approached the path to the last steps of the Attorney General’s office in Nuevo Leon. Tebanhi, He went missing for 13 days and died on April 21.

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According to Sarah “N” and Ivonne “N” reports, just before 00:00, the group attended a meeting in the center of San Nicholas, where they played and drank alcohol.

However, they decided to leave the place to another party near it, but when they arrived they did not open the door. For this reason, they decided to request a taxi via the DT platform, which hired a driver named Juan David “N” who arrived for the girls at 0:49 am and took them to the fifth place located in Via Numancia in 10 minutes.

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Ivon and Sarai said they realized the party was over when they arrived and decided to look elsewhere to continue the night. That is how they arrived in Quinta El Diamante, where the unnamed party allowed young women to join the party.

Tebanhi Escobar He was last seen alive on a state highway in the early hours of April 9 The new lion, After getting out of the application taxi due to disagreement with the driver. According to the girl’s father, he sexually abused her.

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His body was found in a reservoir Thursday night Motel Nueva Castilla On the same highway in the suburbs of Montreal where he was found.