May 20, 2022

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Dead Space Remake: Isaac's dialogue will change based on how tired he is

Dead Space Remake: Isaac’s dialogue will change based on how tired he is

EA Motive has just completed another developer update for the upcoming new version of Dead Space. Aside from showing off some new early footage, the latest developer livestream has focused a lot on audio improvements, including how Isaac’s dialogue can vary depending on how tired he is.

During Live broadcast todayThe developers announced a new system called “Alive,” which EA Motive says will include “all components of Isaac’s breathing and heart rate, audio journeys, and dialogue influenced by a variety of driving gameplay features.” ”

While working out more details about ALIVE, the studio has broken down each letter in the acronym: adrenaline, limbic system response, intelligent dialogue, vitals, and exertions. While each component makes up a component, the most interesting part of the new system is the “Smart Dialogue,” where EA Motive explains that Isaac’s scripted dialogue scenes will include three variations of each line “based on its current state.”

The three forms: Normal, Exhausted, and Injured, each have drastically different ways Isaac introduces in-game dialogue as the developer showed streaming. As you’d expect, each one is different, which helps reflect the condition Isaac is in – if Isaac was hit, for example, Isaac would be in pain while plugging in his line.

Of course, a change in Isaac’s breathing is nothing new if you play the original. However, new audio improvements and a slight attention to detail in how Isaac presents the dialogue and even how he breathes depending on the situation are nice touches to a remake of one of the most popular horror games of the late 2000s.

Dead Space Remake is expected to be released in “early 2023”. While the game won’t be due until about another year, EA Motive has promised another developer update sometime in May, which will focus on Dead Space Remake’s artwork design.

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