May 31, 2023

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Darren Roberts | Wales | He thought his neck hurts from watching TV, but he had a very bad diagnosis: “I’m paralyzed” | Quadriplegic | United Kingdom | Description | EC stories | The world

Darren Roberts, a resident of Sinon Valley District In July 2019, his family suffered neck and shoulder pain while watching television at home. What he thought was a simple pinched nerve ended in the worst way: he was completely paralyzed from the neck down.

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RobertsAn important man, a fan of cars and golf, then 36 years old, was leaning in front of the TV when he realized A sharp stitch. It was followed Feeling like thousands of needles stuck in his hands. To alleviate these discomforts, I do not think it is serious, The man went to take a bath, but immediately his arms, legs, legs, hips, and even his body went numb.

Twenty minutes later Former manager of a construction equipment rental company Already He could not move his anatomical part. Except for his head. And he was really stuck in his own bathtub.

Darren Roberts was treated at various hospitals in Cardiff, the capital of Wales. (Wales).

“My parents immediately called an ambulance and when they arrived they had to take me out of the bathroom. I’m dead from the neck down. “Counted Roberts The man was taken to a local hospital where he underwent an MRI. He was already completely quiet.

Shortly afterwards, he was transferred University of Wales Hospital, Cardiff, There he was admitted to intensive care and they had to continue to put him in an induced coma. “They told my family to prepare for the worst.”Counted RobertsWho added: “Fortunately, I started responding to treatment and came out of a coma four weeks later.”

Then, The person noted that his condition was very serious: he had irreversible spinal damage. “I know my life will never change again. Something bigger is because I have always been a very independent person,” he admitted. Roberts.

Bad news

“Because the doctors did not know the cause of my condition, they could not tell if I would recover.”Added man from Welsh Until September 2019After transfer to the hospital Rookwood, in Cardiff, confirmed that his spinal problem would last forever.

The level at which you pass Roberts Quadriplegic, That means you need help with almost every activity in your daily life. “I can not eat or drink without help. I’m suffering from complete impotence. “ Reported.

In September 2019 Darren Roberts received a very frightening diagnosis: he had quadriplegic and spinal position was irreversible.  (Walls online).
In September 2019 Darren Roberts received a very frightening diagnosis: he had quadriplegic and spinal position was irreversible. (Walls online).

Upon learning of it the man agreed His state of disability will last forever, and his mood will drop. “Nothing can prepare you for the news that you will not walk anymore, but you have to tell me this The fact that I could not use my hands again caused disaster -He pointed out-. I feel like a burden to everyone It does not help my depression and anxiety. “

Finally, he said it was his family “Great help” He appreciated the help and dedication of the medical team who treated him throughout the process and treatment and during the epidemics. “Rookwood staff did everything they could to keep the room without Kovit The whole time we were there, “he said. Roberts.


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