May 31, 2023

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Daniela Adamkova | Croatia: The shocking story of a woman who appeared on Krk Island without knowing who she was | The world

It may be a movie script, but the truth is that it is a real case. Police On September 12 a 60-year-old woman went missing on the remote island of Krk in the Adriatic Sea. Dehydration, with bruises on her face and nothing to remember, became a real mystery to the authorities. However, they managed to identify her because she was a person who had a close relationship with Hollywood stars in the past.

Identity: Mystery in Croatia: Can’t remember the name of a woman who was injured on the island or how she got there

Rescue services told local media that the woman had spent the night on the island’s beach “Tired, found with minor injuries and distracted”. At the time of the discovery, she was wearing a blouse with dark blue stripes, black pants, sneakers and a pink hat.

She was immediately transferred to a place He was treated at a hospital in Rijeka. The only thing known for two weeks is that he speaks proper English The bears were found sitting on a rock in the remote part of the island where they live. There was no identification document or a cell phone among her belongings. In addition, according to the AB company, there were no reports of them being able to connect with her.

Police inspected the area and began taking confessions from tourists and some residents of the area, trying to determine what happened to him. “Many announcements from citizens of Croatia are being reviewed and verified And the identity of the person from abroad “They mentioned.

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Agents explained that the only way to reach the female island was to travel hundreds of kilometers, which separates the city from the area.

The woman was found in a state of disorientation with a bruised face. (Primorje-Korsky Kottar Police Department).

While they were working on the case, They expressed the image of women In this way they found the answer that put an end to the mystery. An acquaintance of this person contacted them and confirmed that it was Daniela Adamkova, The 57-year-old jewelry designer has worked for several Hollywood stars. Little by little the puzzle kept accumulating.

Daniela Adamkova, a woman who appeared on an island in Croatia

Adamkova was born in Slovakia and moved to the United States at a very young age, Where he settled and eventually entered the world of jewelry. She married a filmmaker, and that part came from the hand of a music producer friend – who, like her husband – made a connection with the industry. This allowed him to sell some of his pieces to actresses such as Diana Rose, Brigitte Bardot, Barbara Streisand and even actors from Melrose Place and Friends.

After the divorce he decided to return to his home country, He stayed for three years until he realized the need to return to the United States. Motivated by the desire to continue the life she had built there, she began again.

The woman was married to Daniela Adamkov, 57, and a Hollywood filmmaker.  (Facebook).
The woman was married to Daniela Adamkov, 57, and a Hollywood filmmaker. (Facebook).

Although it is not known for sure when she returned to Europe, it became a mystery when she was found in an unusual situation and with amnesia on the island. “The injured person spent the night at the beach and we did not distract him with minor injuries. We went out with 12 people and three vehicles to rescue her. The officers mentioned in a statement the details of the process they had led.

As soon as it was identified, thanks to the cooperation of a close friend, they warned: The Slovakian citizen stayed for several days as a tourist in Croatia. Police will continue to determine the circumstances leading up to their arrival and discovery on Krk Island, as this is an inaccessible area of ​​Dobrink, which can only be reached by several hours of walking or boat.


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