September 29, 2022

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“Dangerous escalation”: America believes that North Korea is testing an ICBM | North Korea

think the United States North Korea It is in the process of testing an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) in what the Biden administration has described as a “dangerous escalation” that would lead to further sanctions.

Pyongyang has conducted two recent missile launches, which it says were eventually launched Dedicated to putting satellites into space. After scrutiny, however, US intelligence estimated that the real intent was to test parts of the new ICBM.

After careful analysis, the US government concluded the DPRK agreement [North Korea’s] Two ballistic missile tests On February 26 and March 4 of this year, it included a relatively new intercontinental ballistic missile system that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is developing,” a senior administration official said.

This is a dangerous escalation by the DPRK.

The United States believes that the ICBMs being tested have been demonstrated for the first time by the Pyongyang regime in Labor Party Parade On October 10, 2020, then again at the Defense Show a year later.

The administration official said it has so far been impossible to determine the ultimate power and range of the new ICBM so far, only parts of which are being tested, but he did not mention the specific components the United States believed were in testing.

“These launches are likely intended to test elements of this new system before the DPRK conducts a full-range launch, which it will likely try to disguise as a space launch,” the official said.

The official added that the United States conducted its assessment in cooperation with Japan and South Korea, and will share the results with other allies and partners, including the United Nations.

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US forces have ramped up surveillance and intelligence gathering in the region, and new sanctions are due on Friday aimed at further restricting North Korea’s access to advanced technology it can use in its weapons programs.

“There will be a host of other measures in the coming days,” the US official said.

The White House says Joe Biden is open to diplomacy and would be willing to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un “when there is a serious deal on the table.”

The Biden administration believes that any such agreement must be preceded by working-level negotiations, as the experience of Donald Trump’s meetings with Kim indicates that “summits alone do not guarantee progress,” the senior official said, adding: “The DPRK continues not to respond.

“While the door to diplomacy remains open, the United States will take all necessary measures to ensure the security of the American homeland and our allies,” the official said.

North Korea conducted three ICBMs in 2017, and conducted a total of six nuclear tests, before suspending both types of tests ahead of summits with Trump.

In January, Pyongyang said it would reconsider “resuming all temporarily suspended activities,” and Analysts saw signs of building At the Punggye-ri nuclear test site in North Korea for the first time since it was closed and dismantled in the spring of 2018.