September 17, 2021

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Cuba: Juan Qaeda has denounced Maduro’s regime for funding repression and persecution

The march against the so-called ‘revolution’ promoted by the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) and its leaders continues, Juan Guida The accused Funding for the rule of Nicolas Maduro ”Oppression and persecution“On Cuba Then Delcy Rodriguez, Vice President of Venezuela Executive Meet him President Miguel Thias-Colonel.

Through his Twitter account, Guide maintained it “While the world rejects condemnation and persecution, the Maduro dictatorship is financing Cuba. They have collaborated in violating the DT for many years.”. “This photo symbolizes the humiliation of man, which is fighting for freedom and democracy in Venezuela and Cuba,” Lines added.

Juan Quito talks about the crisis in Cuba through his social networks. Photo: Catch Twitter.

Show support for Cuba

Last Friday, July 16, Telcy RodriguezThe Venezuelan vice president noted his support for the government Miguel Diaz-Colonel Due to the recent protests on the island.

During the meeting, Rodriguez was contacted Dias-ColonelMessage of solidarity and support“Issued by Nicola Maduro For “the political-communications campaign against Cuba and the re-emergence of the embargo maintained by the United States.”

Crush against the Cuban regime

In response to the meeting, Guide slammed his Twitter account, saying, “From Venezuela, we reaffirm our support for the entire pro-democracy movement in Cuba.” “We are united in the struggle to see ourselves as free and democratic,” he added.

In these ways, “The people of Venezuela are aware of persecution, arbitrariness, oppression and the breakdown of democracy. That is why we can not remain silent when another people wake up to these abuses. Today Cuba rose to a roar, we are creating our own: homeland and life!”.

Juan Quito talks about meeting political leaders through his social networks. Photo: Catch Twitter.

Cuban protests They have also been recorded in San Antonio de los Banos, Keira de Melina and Alczar in the western province of Artemis, Palma Soriano in eastern Santiago de Cuba, Sienfuco and Havana.

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