May 28, 2023

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Crocodile | He eats another viral | Almost two meters | நரமாமிசம் | Video | Mycelleni

A , Identified as Taylor Sober, showed a great video on Twitter Eating another six feet in Southern California .

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In the audiovisual sense spread on the aforementioned social network, a gigantic reptile, drowned in a pond, Swallows mercilessly To another of the same race.

Taylor Sober told the US media USA Today His father Captured stunning images while watching both animals.

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“And I was completely shocked. This is a nasty dinosaurSaid the subject to the said media.

According to the man, This will not be the first act of cannibalism Your family will take care of it. The victim crocodile appears to have eaten something smaller near the area.

Show action video Viral On social networks and many users express their surprise by watching a natural show featuring animals of the same species.

Parents who record audiovisual material do not have social networks. However, Taylor Sober He was “impressed by everything.”

“He said, ‘Holy shit, I never expected it to take the way it happened.”, Under control Chopper.

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