May 31, 2023

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Covit-19 | Refusal nurse to “vaccinate” thousands of people in Germany with salt water | Technology

North German authorities urge thousands of people to go to vaccination centers to get new doses of the vaccine After a police investigation, it was discovered that the Red Cross nurse had injected them with salt.

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The nurse is suspected of injecting salt into people’s hands Replacing corona virus serum levels at a vaccination center in Friesland, A rural district near the North Sea coast, in early spring.

“I was completely shocked by this episode”, Sven Ambrose, councilor for local authorities, confirmed on Facebook Warning to about 8,600 vulnerable residents.

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Although saliva is harmless, most people who are vaccinated in Germany During the months of March and April, when the change is said to have occurred, they are at high risk of contracting a life-threatening viral disease.

Police Inspector Peter BeerAccording to witnesses, at the press conference, There was “reasonable suspicion of danger”.

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In late April, the nurse admitted it He filled six syringes with saliva instead of the Pfizer vaccine. The German newspaper writes that one of the bottles fell to the ground and tried to cover it while he was mixing it. But German police say this is not an isolated incident.

The motive of the nurse, whose identity is unknown, has not yet been clarified, however Had expressed skeptical views about vaccines In their social media posts, police investigators explained.

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According to the NTR broadcaster, it is not yet clear whether the suspect was arrested.

The suspect nurse has denied the allegations through her attorney, who has promised in no case It is a “specific event”.“Due to the behavior of our client, it is incorrect to say that dosages of vaccine containing only sodium chloride were sometimes given”. Attorney Christophe Claude promised in a statement to the ABC.

Instead, he said, the nurse tried Replace with the remnants of other blisters Part of the vaccine was spilled by accidental rupture of a vial. However, he added that this was “a specific event”. Emphasize your customer “He did not act with political intent or only provide saline solution to people who want to be vaccinated.”

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