March 22, 2023

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Covit-19 | Learn about the symptoms of delta variant of corona virus first identified in India | Peru | Lima | Arequipa | nndc | The world

In delta variation , First identified in India and already in practice in the UK, causes different symptoms than previous versions of COVID-19, warns Tim Spector, professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London.

The delta version causes more mucus and sore throat, but less cough and odor loss, says the expert leading the study, whose findings have not yet been published or reviewed in a scientific journal.

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The public health agency Public Health England (PHE) says the new variant is 64% more contagious than the British one (alpha). It already represents more than 90% of epidemics in the UK, where daily cases have risen for the last weeks and today reached 11,007, the highest number since February 19.

Specter “Study Joe“About him Corona virus, In which thousands of people describe their symptoms through mobile application.

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The most frequent patterns of delta variation of Govit-19

Based on the data collected in this way, it has published a list of common manifestations caused by delta variability:



3. Nasal secrets


5. TOS

The epidemiologist emphasizes that coughing is more prevalent among those affected by the new variant compared to the previous ones.

Thanks to the contribution of citizens to his project, he also discovered that loss of smell caused by other variants of the virus does not appear among the ten most common symptoms. Delta.

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People think they have a seasonal cold and regularly attend parties where they can infect up to six peopleSpecter warns in a video released by his company Zoe and taken by the BBC Public Network.

Source: EFE

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