January 18, 2022


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Covit-19 | Lampta, a variant that surpasses the delta in Peru and worries scientists | Technology

The Lampta variant of the corona virus (c.37), first identified in Peru and now spreading in South America and the world, dominates the country

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Lampta was found in more than 70% of cases studied by INS. It continues Gamma variant (P1), which dominates the border areas of Brazil. Then the delta is located With

A recent Japanese study has found that lambda is more contagious compared to the original version of the virus that appeared in Wuhan, China.

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Scientists at the University of Tokyo have discovered two additional mutations, T76I and L452Q. They help make Lampta “very contagious”. Their results are published in the database And it has not yet been reviewed.

In addition, in laboratory tests, the scientists found three mutations in the spike protein of the lambda, known as RSYLTPGD246-253N, 260 L452Q, and F490S. They may help to counteract neutralization by vaccine-induced antibodies.

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Immunity includes not only antibodies, but also so-called cellular immunity made up of T cells, which ‘remember’ the virus even when the level of antibodies is low.

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“A potential threat”

The authors warn that Lampta will continue to be named by the World Health Organization as a variant of “interest” rather than “concern”. People may not realize that this is a serious and persistent threat.

Like other viruses, the corona virus changes naturally. (Getty Images)

Although it is not yet clear whether this variant is more dangerous than the delta that now threatens people in many countries, leading researcher at the University of Tokyo, Kei Sato, believes that “lambda may be a potential threat to human society.”

On Wednesday, the World Health Organization (WHO) said that for now There is no reason why the variant of the corona virus called lambda should be considered a variant of “anxiety” He also clarified that it was not particularly contagious.

Maria van Kerkov, chair of the WHO Antigovit Technology Cell, said the WHO was monitoring this variation and the remaining variants identified with the cooperation of international experts.

The WHO has to date recorded four types of “anxiety” (alpha, beta, delta and gamma) and the four interests and thirteen warnings that follow.

Lampta was the variation of interest Found in more than 40 countries, But there is no sign of it dominating.

The delta variant contains mutations that help the immune system to invade and escape.  (BSIP)
The delta variant contains mutations that help the immune system to invade and escape. (BSIP)

The important thing (of a variation) is to see how it rotates and how the transmission travels. What we see in the case of the lambda variant is that it does not seem to emerge when it is first detected in a country, even in Peru. Van Kerkow explained.

This has been confirmed by the Pan American Health Organization, the regional arm of the WHO The gamma variant (initially found in Brazil) is larger than that of the Lambda.

About them Mutations, the epidemiologist said “There are many variants of Lampta” Admittedly every change of the virus is troublesome because it can be threatening Vaccine efficacy To work well, for now it does not seem to have happened in any way.

The person responsible for vaccinations at the WHO, Kate O’Brien, promised vaccines Approved ones show consistent efficacy for all types of follow-up, especially when severe illness and avoidance of hospital admission.

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