January 18, 2022


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Covit-19: Delta variant reaches Wuhan and hospitalized in the United States

Chinese city of Wuhan, cradle COVID-19, Announced massive trials for the entire population this Tuesday Anticipation of delta variation, Highly contagious, causes locks all over the world and adds to Skyscraper Hospital in the United States.

Triggered by vaccine rates and new variants, the virus makes a strong review, even in countries like China, where they believed they had the worst case scenario.

The Asian company was able to reduce local cases to practically zero, allowing the economy to recover and life to return to a mostly normal state.

But a new eruption Delta variant, It spreads quickly, Reached dozens of cities from the epidemic center among Nanjing airport cleaners and sparked a chain of lawsuits across the country.

In Wuhan – where the virus first appeared in December 2019 and experienced severe imprisonment in the first months of the epidemic – authorities announced an extensive testing program for 11 million people.

And across China, authorities have restricted entire cities, cutting off traffic lanes and conducting millions of tests to combat the biggest corona virus outbreak in months.

In Australia, millions of people have been restricted to the movement and troops took to the streets of Sydney, the country’s largest city, on Monday, entering the sixth week of the lockout, which will last until the end of August.

City officials are struggling Stop the spread of delta variation in the city, More than 3,600 cases have been registered since mid-June, and residents are trying to ensure compliance with the lockout.

With 15% of the 25 million Australians fully vaccinated, authorities are still betting on locks to control the virus.

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Hospitals in the United States

The virus also spreads where it is present Vaccination programs are successful, As United States, Lives a new wave driven by Delta variant She has been hospitalized for the first time since last year.

The country reached the goal of the president a month late on Monday Joe Biden 70% of adults administer at least one dose.

This delay, coupled with the prevalence of the highly contagious delta variant, increased the average number of daily cases to over 70,000.

“These cases are concentrated in communities with low vaccination rates,” White House coordinator for the epidemic Jeff Giants told reporters.

“One in three cases nationwide was in Florida and Texas last week,” he added.

The fall in vaccine rates was seen in the politically conservative areas of the South and Midwest, as well as among the very young or low-income and ethnic minorities.

At the same time, states in the United States that are lagging behind in vaccination rates are catching up late, according to the latest data.

In the face of delta variation, other countries have begun to study the possibilities of using booster vaccines that, according to some pharmaceutical companies, can improve the immunity to highly infectious strains of the virus.

Citing concerns about a “reduced or rapidly declining immune response” among some people, Germany said Monday it would begin offering a third drug to the elderly and at-risk groups.

A booster shot will be given to those who receive two doses of Astrogenega or single dose. Johnson & Johnson, According to a document published by the German Ministry of Health, “For preventive health care”. AFP

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