May 31, 2023

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COVID-19 Vaccine: Everything Known About the Spotnik V Vaccine | Corona virus | Infection | | LIME

Today, the government announced the signing of an agreement with Human Vaccine LLC, a subsidiary of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RTIF), to purchase 10 million vaccine treatments., Which consists of two components, i.e. two doses of the vaccine. In this way, the Russian vaccine will join the immunization campaign in the country.

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This is all that is known about the Russian vaccine.

What is the performance of Sputnik V?

According to him, Who developed the vaccine, Sputnik V is one of the three vaccines in the world with an efficiency of over 90%. The vaccine efficacy was determined to be 91.6% based on data from 19,866 volunteers who received the first and second injections of the Sputnik V vaccine or placebo; 78 confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been registered in the final control phase ”.

“According to data analysis of 3.8 million people vaccinated in Russia, Spotnik V shows 97.6% efficacy,” he says.

In the same sense, in February of this year, The Russian vaccine is effective against 91.6% In its symptomatic manifestations, according to an analysis of medical tests published Tuesday in the medical journal And verified by independent experts.

Does the Russian vaccine work against the delta variant of the corona virus?

Late last month, Denise Lagunov, deputy director of research at the Kamalaya Center, complained about the effectiveness of the Russian vaccine. Is 2.6 times less than Of COVID-19.

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Sputnik v The vaccine campaign of the Russians has shown a 97.6% efficacy, but Variation India, Mainly Delta, “slightly reduces serum activity,” Logunov told a news conference..

“This is 2.6 times,” said the scientist, who along with his team discovered the Russian vaccine Corona virus.

However, according to foreign newspapers, in the case of Pfizer and Modern vaccines, its effectiveness against the Indian variant is 3 to 5 times lower, he said.

Today, at a news conference, Health Minister Oscar Ugarde said Sputnik had shown an “excellent” performance against variants of the corona virus, including Delpa, which is very widespread.

How does the Sputnik vaccine work?

Spatnik V virus uses vector technology. “Vectors are vehicles that can introduce genetic material from another virus into a cell. The adenovirus gene that causes the infection is removed and a gene that encrypts the protein of another virus is inserted in its place. The implanted organ is safe for the body and helps the immune system to react and develop antibodies that protect us from infection. ”

Has the WHO approved the use of the Russian vaccine?

not yet. In April, theIt receives more information from the Kamaleya National Center. WHO Expert Panel, (TAG) This candidate will evaluate the vaccine to be added to the emergency use list upon completion of the studies.

Last month, , CEO , Announced that approved This is a technical decision of a panel of experts who will study it and cannot expect when it will be accepted.

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It is a group that operates independently and will report its findings upon completion of its tasks.“, The official said.Efe company at the time.

Which countries use Spotnik V?

According to the Kamalaya Center, the Russian vaccine has already been registered in more than 65 countries. In South America, it is found in Argentina, Bolivia and Venezuela. First, too, this vaccine has already been prepared.

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