May 31, 2023

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Corona virus United Kingdom: “Not getting vaccinated against Govt-19 is the biggest mistake of my life” | UK | Abderrahmane Fatil | The world

As with many hospitals, the number of patients receiving treatment At the Bradford Royal Infirmary, Bradford Hospital in the center , Is increasing dramatically.

Half of them chose not to be vaccinated, which many are now deeply saddened by.

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“They vaccinated me, but I was arrogant.”Faisal Bashir, 54, says he is in excellent physical condition.

“I would go to the gym, ride a bike, walk. I thought I didn’t need this because I was strong and healthy. And if it eventually became unsafe, I would not have taken any risk, “he says.

“But the truth is, I could not avoid the virus. I caught it and I don’t know how or where, ”he says.

Bashir, who was released last Wednesday a week after receiving oxygen at the hospital, admitted on social media that he was suffering from reports of a very low risk of developing a blood clot through the astrogenic vaccine.

But now he wants to encourage others not to make the same mistake.

“What I experienced in the hospital, the care and the professionalism humiliated me,” he admits.

“People fill hospitals because they take risks, which is wrong. I feel scary. I feel so bad, I hope talking helps others avoid this,” he says.

Covit-19 affects the unknown

“Today, half of the patients in the (hospital) ward are not vaccinated. I stopped asking them why because they were clearly embarrassedAfter a six-hour round, says Dr. Abid Aziz.

Bradford Royal Informatics Hospital in central England sees a fourth wave of covit patients, half of whom remain undetected. (Getty Images).

Last month, the hospital’s number of COVID-19 patients dropped to single-digit numbers for the first time since last summer. But as the delta variation spreads, they have risen to nearly 50 this week.

This is an increase in rates in the community, one-third of the last week, nearly 400 cases per 100,000 population.

Because it has been a long time coming, it is the youth who are making this change, with adolescent rates exceeding 750 per 100,000, and those under the age of 20 are not far behind.

Although some of them ended up in the hospital, our patients are now on average younger than the previous waves. Most are in their 30s and 40s.

“Some received two doses of the vaccine, and therefore had mild disease: they are alive with CPAP (for its acronym in English, the mechanical system of constant pressure distribution in the airway at the time of inspiration and expiration).” They may have died without the vaccineAbid warns Aziz.

“Others have had their first dose, so they are not fully protected. It is worrying that almost half of the patients in the room today are not vaccinated,” he adds.

“The joy of being alive”

Abderrahmane Fatil, a 60-year-old science teacher with two young children, is grieving.

He was cautious as vaccines were given. Three-quarters of Bradford’s adults have received the first dose of the vaccine, which is 87% for the entire country.

Abderrahmane Fatil, on his return.
Abderrahmane Fatil, on his return.

Fodil spent nine nights in hospital for the first time since arriving from Morocco in 1985 and was in intensive care for nine days.

“I’m glad I’m alive,” he says.

“My wife got vaccinated. Not me, I hesitated. I was already living with viruses and bacteria and was making time thinking that my immune system was adequate. I had Govt-19 symptoms at the beginning of the infection and I thought it was already over and my immune system would recognize the virus and have protections, ”he says.

“This is the biggest mistake of my life. It almost cost me my life. I have made many fun decisions in my life, but it is very dangerous and serious“, Identify.

Fatil left the hospital almost a month ago, but he is still unwell.

“I want to talk to everyone who refuses to wear it,” he says: ” ‘Look, this is a matter of life and death. Do you want to live or do you want to die? Live, then get vaccinated. ‘


Professor John Wright, a physician and epidemiologist, is the Director of Health Research at Bradford and a Senior on Cholera, HIV and Ebola Epidemics in Sub-Saharan Africa. He writes this diary for BBC News.


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