May 20, 2022

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Corona virus North Korea | Kim Jong-un orders national lockout after Govt-19 eruption | Omicron Variation | | The world

Chairman , After the first blast was confirmed it was ordered to be imprisoned across the country In its territory since the outbreak began, state media reported the news on Thursday.

Kim called on all cities and municipalities in the country to carefully control their areas. State news agency KCNA reported. Factories, businesses and homes must be shut down and restructured “to prevent the malicious spread of the malicious virus.”

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According to the agency, Kim “Due to the high level of political awareness of the people (…) we can safely deal with the emergency and succeed in the emergency isolation program,” he said.

It is not clear how many infections have been diagnosed in it North KoreaWith little explicit contact.

Until now, the nuclear-armed poor country has not accepted any lawsuits Corona virus And imposed a severe siege with the outside world drowning out its economy and trade from the beginning of 2020 onwards.

But Samples taken from several patients with the flu in Pyongyang on Sunday were “stable” with a highly contagious omigran variant. The official KCNA news agency reported the corona virus.

“In order for Pyongyang’s public confession to the Omigron case, the public health situation must be serious,” said Leaf-Eric Easley, a professor at Eva University in Seoul.

“While the failure of China’s zero-govt strategy suggests that this approach will not work with the Omigron variant, Pyongyang is likely to stick with the locks,” he added.

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This file photo, taken on March 18, 2022, shows staff spraying disinfectants on surfaces as part of preventive measures against the corona virus in Pyongyang. (KIM WON-JIN / AFP).

No vaccines?

Experts believe North Korea has not vaccinated any of its 25 million people. After the World Health Organization rejected the dose offers of China and Russia.

Analysts believe the isolated country’s failed health system will struggle to cope with a major Govt-19 eruption.

Korea From the north It is surrounded by countries that have faced or are still facing major eruptions of the Omigran variant, such as South Korea or China, where many cities have been under severe lock-up for weeks.

Seoul-based NK News, a special publication in the country, has promised that parts of Pyongyang will be limited to two days.

“Many sources have asked for panic-stricken reports due to uncertainty as to when Lockdown will end,” he added.

Throughout the epidemic, North Korea He boasted of his ability to keep the virus out of his confines. At a military parade in 2020, Kim enthusiastically thanked civilians and the military for their efforts.

According to the World Health Organization, from January 3, 2020 to May 11 this year, there were no confirmed infections or deaths from Kovit-19 in the country.

Despite state media outlets announcing “anti-epidemic” measures, none of the thousands of participants in a major military parade in the capital last month wore masks.

The eruption will slow down the country’s weapons program, which has conducted fifteen days of missile tests so far this year, including intercontinental ballistic missiles.