May 31, 2023

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Corona virus increases in delta cases: Delta variant cases and hospitalization reaches a maximum of 6 months | The world

Cases And in hospitals Maximum six months, driven by fast spreading In areas dealing with low vaccination rates in the country.

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At the national level, Covit-19 cases averaged 100,000 for three consecutive days, 35% more than last week, With public health data, according to Reuters. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated in Louisiana, Florida and Arkansas.

Hospital admissions increase by 40% and mortality, a lagging indicator, recorded an 18% increase last week. The highest death toll was due to overpopulation in Arkansas.

The intensification of the spread of the epidemic has led to the cancellation of some important key events. A notable exception is the annual motorcycle rally in South Dakota, which goes according to plan.

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Florida set hospital records for eight consecutive days, According to the analysis. In that state, most students are expected to return to the classroom this week, with some school districts debating whether students need masks.

The president of the country’s second-largest teachers ’union announced the turning point on Sunday in support of compulsory vaccinations for teachers.

Number of children admitted to hospital COVID-19 This is on the rise across the country, with a trend health experts claiming that the delta variant is more likely to affect children than the original alpha.

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As the virus re-entered the lives of Americans after a brief hiatus last summer, the vaccination campaign for the reluctant has gained new momentum. States such as California, New York and Virginia already require weekly vaccinations or tests for state employees and several cities.

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