August 15, 2022

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Corona virus Argentina | Daniel Borro: A nurse dies after being severely beaten by a neighbor after catching Govt-19 in New Guan | The world

Newcon County, in Mourns the death of Daniel Borough, a nurse in the province . Although many are now mourning his departure, in June last year he was severely beaten by a neighbor who, apart from beating him, set his house on fire and stole his car. 19.

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“He can’t recover from that social rejection.”, Said the nurse’s father, Miguel Boro LM Newken. I add: “Actually, since that day, she has not been able to sleep well again. He worked during the day, at night, he went to bed, but could not sleep. He was very distressed and was going to work almost without sleep.

The man pointed out that the horrific situation in which his son lived had accompanied him over the past year His body “couldn’t take it” and he died of a heart attack.

“They had tough days” In addition to the attack on the neighbor, Miguel said after mentioning this, Daniel had to endure other hardships because at work “they gave up” and they threw him out.. Although he eventually got a new position at another health center, he could not forget the traumatic event he experienced.

On July 4, Daniel went to his mother’s house to sleep and rest, but at midnight his heart stopped. “One of his brothers walked into the room and was already deadSaid his father, who was shocked.

Miguel wants to keep his son’s memory alive and shared some of the songs he recorded on social media when he was isolated at home.

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The pictures of the nurse and her guitar were instantly viral and many users celebrated the art of the man who put the health of others in front of him.

Attack of your neighbors

The threats against Daniel began in mid-June 2020He had to be isolated due to infection Govit-19. First, he was locked up at home, and then he was transferred to Pocket Roldan Hospital, where he was discharged with a negative cloth after 14 days.

In the violent event in which he lived, at the time he was involved: “They told me to leave the neighborhood because I had it Corona virus. I didn’t because I was isolated, but they burned my house and stole my car.

The incident began when a neighbor scolded him on the street: “We’re going to burn down your house because you are a positive case. We do not want people like you to be around.

“I was attacked by many people from all sides. I have not yet recovered. I was unconscious and in the hospital. They took my car and they stole it directly from me. Once when I was in the hospital they set me on fire inside my house.”, Said the nurse at the time.


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