December 7, 2022

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Congress: Bench of magisterial block proposes that Constitutional Court chief should assume presidency due to President’s veto | Peter Castle | NMR | Politics

Bench On the initiative of Congressman Pasión Dávila, proposed a bill. (TC) assumes the office of President during the temporary or permanent suspension of the President.

This is about It proposes to reverse the line of presidential succession and direct officials to assume the position of constitutional head of the republic.

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The constitutional reform proposal proposes to replace Article 115 of the Magna Carta with the following text:

“Due to the temporary or permanent incapacity of the President of the Republic, the First Vice-President assumes his functions. Failing this, the Second Vice-President. Due to the impasse of the two, the President of the Constitutional Court in addition to his functions. If the ban is permanent during the first three years of the constitutional term, the President of the Constitutional Court calls for immediate elections..

The explanatory note pointed out that the legal crisis was evident in recent months due to growing dissatisfaction with the President’s administration. ; Head of the Cabinet of Ministers, Hannibal Torres; and of Congress.

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“That is, the current constitutional order of presidential succession is weak in light of the recent events of the political crisis the country is experiencing. Executives and, essentially, the (sic) crisis created by the Republican Congress cannot be said to be the orderly and legitimate solvers of the political crisis and the people accept it. Recent polls Results when representatives in light and no national parliament have any legitimacyUnderlines.

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Thus, plan implies a need to think “Moderate Release” For the current political crisis, by modifying the Presidential Succession Tax “Protecting Democratic Institutions”.

“In situations of political and representative crisis, it is necessary to make some changes in our system in line with reality, avoiding further breakdown of political activities that can directly affect the economy of the country.”He insists.

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It is important to note that Article 115 of the Constitution establishes that the First Vice President shall carry out his duties in case of temporary or permanent suspension of the President. Failing this, the Second Vice President.

It states that if both are incapacitated, the Congress president will take over and if the degree of incapacity is permanent, the speaker of parliament will call for an immediate election.