May 31, 2023

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Colombia: relentless search: tracks down man who killed his daughter for 26 years and finds him in another country | Barranquilla | Martin Maestro | Nancy Mariana | Jaime Chade | EC stories | The world

The life of Martin Maestro was marked by tragedy with the murder of his daughter almost thirty years ago. It was the morning of January 1, 1994, when Nancy Mariana asked permission to celebrate the New Year with a young man named Jaime Chade, with whom her father had been dating for some time. The man said goodbye to them and saw his daughter leaving the door of his house in Barranquilla. , But he never came back.

“You’ll be back at threeAsked Nancy. Maintenance, Told him. At six in the morning, when the man woke up, his 18-year-old daughter had not returned home. He immediately took the car and went in search of her in the nightclubs of the city, wanting to see her again, until he came to Sade’s house.

The first film he had Jaime’s mother cleaning the floor of her son’s apartment, Attached to his house at the start of the day. “Her daughter had an accident and she is in the Caribbean Clinic”The woman told him. Upon arriving at the sanatorium, Nancy found the young man’s father trying to commit suicide.

Martin did not understand how his daughter made that decision. A nurse told her that Nancy had come to the sanatorium wrapped in dirty paper full of traces of weeds., So the father did not close the suicide version. The young woman was unconscious for the next eight days, in a critical condition, slowly dying. Maestro went with them until their daughter’s heart stopped beating until January 9th. Chad has not been seen since that New Year.

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Without frenzy, as he said, his daughter’s death was the starting point for a 26 – year search that left no gaps or shortcuts to find Chad. “I live depending on whether they catch him from that day. It’s not a passion, it’s a duty as a parent. “The 79-year-old told the newspaper .

Mestre brought his daughter’s death case to justice, and in 1996, the judge convicted Nancy’s ex-boyfriend. 27 years in prison for murder and rape. Forensic analysis shows that it is unlikely that the young woman committed suicide because she had powder marks on her hand in front of the temple where the bullet entered. There were bruises on his hands, thighs and genitals and remnants of skin under his nails., Indicates that he tried to defend himself. Following this ruling, Interpol issued an international search warrant.

At dawn on January 1, 1994, Nancy Mariana asked her father for permission to accompany Jaime Sade and El Timo (Colombia) to celebrate the New Year.

Uninterrupted research for almost three decades

Sade’s sentence can never be carried out. He disappeared without a trace and the Maestro, who was in the possession of the Colombian army, He took an investigative course and for 26 years became closely associated with the family of the man who stealthily killed his daughter. Through the four fictional profiles he has created on social networks. According to the Spanish newspaper, they were two men and two women of Arab descent who “lived” in Arakataka, the area where Sade’s family lived.

Time was running out against him because in July 2023 the man’s sentence would expire And if he is not found before that date he will be acquitted without charge. But the case took a 180-degree turn, and by the end of 2019, in Maestro’s chats with those close to Chad, key words began to appear, indicating the way to find the killer, “Belo Horizon”. He is likely to be hiding in Brazil.

Not only was he hiding in that city, the man lived a parallel life with the wrong name and documents, and got married and had two children. Interpol has discovered a 58-year-old businessman known as Henrik Dos Santos Abdala. Police then checked his identity by comparing his fingerprint to the glass taken from the bar.

At the end of January 2020, Maestro received a call from his office, immediately began to cry, 26 years after he had found the killer, and now he was waiting for the Brazilian and Colombian judges to arrange for the handover to begin. The man could not believe it.

But Martin did not count on the Federal Supreme Court of Brazil announcing the tie. Of the five judges, two voted in favor and two against, so one did not vote, so according to the principles of procedure, if a draw occurs, it is decided in favor of the accused. “Like a game of football they sought the fate of the man who killed my daughter”, The angry father revealed to the Spanish newspaper and promised I will not stop seeking justice for Nancy’s death.

A nurse told her that Nancy had come to the sanatorium covered in dirty paper with traces of weeds, so the father did not close the suicide version, after which he began to investigate Jaime Chad's role in his death.  Daughter.  (Weather - Colombia)
A nurse told her that Nancy had come to the sanatorium covered in dirty paper with traces of weeds, so the father did not close the suicide version, after which he began to investigate Jaime Chad’s role in his death. Daughter. (Weather – Colombia)

Maestro’s lawyers in Brazil and another international firm consulting with him from Washington are evaluating the legal strategies for a Supreme Court re – vote, but it will not be an easy task. In the country of Rio de Janeiro, the law on limitation of crime was passed for 20 years and that period Before Sadie was arrested in 2020.

However, Jaime Sode’s version is very different. He was detained last year and wrote a letter from prison after being deported. “I went to the bathroom and a few minutes later I heard a shot. I immediately went outside and saw her with a lot of blood on the floor and a revolver by her side.

At present, the horizon for the deportation of Nancy’s killer is not clear. Once the extradition is denied, it cannot be re-claimed, so Chad can go unpunished – except for fines for entering Brazil illegally and forging documents.

For the master, this is not an imaginary answer. The man revealed Country To seek justice, he will seek Sadhe to speak: “I want to know why. I went to the door and said ‘take care of her’. See how he takes care of her. “, Closed the person who became the primary investigating officer in the murder case of his daughter at the dawn of the New Year 1994.

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