May 28, 2023

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Colombia | “No one has any mercy”: Young man’s family killed during billiard robbery | குக்குடா | Jefferson Andres Navarro Ruda | EC stories | The world

Jefferson Andres Navarro Ruda’s family , Issued a statement in which he defended him and criticized those who took justice into their own hands.

Navarro, 19, died in the incident last Monday at around 1am

The young man and another man came to the pool hall and tried to intimidate the occupants to take their belongings. However, several young men attacked the young man and assaulted him.

Navarro died as a result of the shots and blows he received. After the incident, the young man’s family released a letter, “No one can take justice into their own hands”.

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In the text they say that in the XXI century Murder It must be punished, because to allow it would go back to an ancient society and a period marked by barbarism.

“In the most recent event, a young man died at the age of 19. The child of the house, as in any home in Cucuta, Colombia, was young. In the report they described the events and confirmed that Navarro was treated mercilessly by seven men, shot three times in the point-blank range and relentlessly attacked by billiard notes.

Security cameras at the scene recorded the moment the thief entered. (Photo: Social Networks).

“People around him shouted, ‘Let the police come quickly, they are torturing him.’

The family claimed to have “committed an illegal act” by taking justice into their own hands.

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If they all kill him, they will all retaliate for the murder (…) He who is free from sin, throw the first stone.

They took away man’s precious possessions, which is life. Jefferson may be the brother, son, nephew or nephew of one of these 7 Or your family member reading this, ”the statement said.

According to the Penal Code, if everyone kills a teenager, everyone must respond to the crime of murder: “If they kill together, everyone will be held accountable for the murder, according to the Criminal Code, ethical principles and the Constitution.”

“Would you like to use Hammurabi’s code? An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Yes, some will. He who is freed from sin, let him throw the first stone“, They concluded.


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