June 26, 2022


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Colombia Elections 2022: Gustavo Petro: The biggest challenges he faces in Colombia starting in August | Rodolfo Hernandez | Fico Gutierrez | Sergio Fazardo | | The world

Suffice it to recall the last presidential election: in , Evan Duke Almost surpassed Petro 1,870,000 votes. “Now he has won, but not by a huge victory that gives him legal recognition against the Colombians. All he has to do is recreate the social structure at different levels, such as politics and the media, in order to gain a place in government.He also holds a master’s degree in political communication from the University of Externado de Colombia.

But it started on the wrong foot, says Arias.

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During his victory speech, Gustavo Pedro addressed Francisco Barbosa, Attorney General Of the nation, Margarita White Hair, Attorney General Of the nation. The : Release the youth who took part in the struggles of the last two years and reinstate the mayors who failed to fulfill the mandate not to get involved in politics during the elections. “This is not the time for hatred“, The elected president argued.

Arias Comments: “The involvement of regulatory agencies in such decisions is not within the purview of the President. This kind of situation will make him lose his legal character and it will be difficult for him to carry out his reforms.”.

Today, there is no way to comply with the reforms he has offered, even though he is a party with a good number of Congressmen, many Green Party The second round showed their support for him and he did not have another type of majority Constitutional Commissions Who is responsible for the reforms Health, Pension, Education Y Mining energy”.

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EFE recalls Pedro’s problems Mayor of BogotBetween 2012 and 2015. Therefore, “cCity Eleven“Sunk”Their many attempts”. In this new reality, what you have to do is “Aligns and coordinates a strong committee in Congress that allows it to manage and fulfill its promises”.

On your side, Nadia Perez Guevara is a researcher at the Institute of Political Studies, Autonomous University, Bukaramanga, Maintains that Gustavo Pedro is prepared for this situation. “Many years later, he understood how this system works, which shows his maturity as a politician. In 2010, he applied Alternative Democratic PoleIt reached a minimum of senators and members of Congress, and something similar happened in 2018 in the party Colombia Human. This time, the first step of his campaign was built National AgreementIt sought to have a strong presence with a historic agreement Congress”.

Even if he does not have a majority, the ability to negotiate will be enough for him.

And after his defeat, Rodolfo Hernandez, Sitting in one seat, said he was not going to use the opposition and would work with the government as much as he could. Of course, there will be the opposition flag Europism”.

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The picture of the defeated candidate, Rodolfo Hernandez, is that he has already announced that he will not be part of the opposition to the Pedro government. Bloomberg / Natalia Ortiz-Mandila

Entrepreneurs and the Armed Forces.

Being a left-wing candidate, Gustavo Pedro created some fear. I had to wonder if it would be complete if I turned that page. Currently he is saying:

It was a propaganda of lies and fear: we are going to expropriate the Colombians, we are going to destroy private property (…) we are going to promote capitalism in Colombia. Not because we love it, but because we must first overcome the pre-modern”.

Nadia Perez notes, “Pedro was able to gather social discontent, especially from the outskirts of the country“His main challenge will be to meet them.”Without compromising the productivity of the country”. “And what he said was that they were going to be bosses, but not like they are now. Although they recognize the importance of the business community in carrying out reforms and achieving a certain level of social well-being, they are opposed to the traditional oligarchy landlord-style economy. He wants to be a reformer”.

During his victory speech, Pedro grabbed his brother’s hand. Vice President France MarquezThe one on the left, more than him, said they were going to be bosses even if they didn’t like capitalism.”.

Colombia.  Election Day Photo, June 19, 2022. Gustavo Pedro shows his vote.  Reuters
Colombia. Election Day Photo, June 19, 2022. Gustavo Pedro shows his vote. Reuters / Louisa Gonzalez

But one of the issues to pay more attention to is its relationship with the armed forces.. According to Perez, Europism began to talk about Gustavo Pedro Former guerrillaThat’s a debateThat did not happen in previous presidential campaigns”. The expert believes this should not create big problems as Pedro was already in public office.

Process M-19 Resulted in success Constitution of 91. Many former guerrillas joined civil and political life, which is why it is not on the agenda in question. Peace agreement”.

If you add it up, Perez says, “The civilized nature of the armed forces, in part, explains why there are no coups Colombia”, There should be no major difficulty. “Other than that, last week he met with some retired generals who were part of Pedro Operation testingIt was released Ingrid BettencourtAnd gave him their support”.

Given that Pedro wants to implement the peace agreement, it will certainly follow the same path Juan Manuel SantosThat is, the ‘disenfranchisement’ of the military forces, with the intention of giving them a greater social role”.

Recall that during the guerrilla invasion process, we saw how the military provided security for the reunification zones. Talked about DepoliticizationRedefining and strengthening the role of the military Human rights”.