January 18, 2022


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Collapse Live in Miami: Death toll rises to 78 in the collapse of the Champlain Towers South building on the Florida Surface in the United States | The world

Search for groups in a damaged residential building on the south, Surface (USA) recovered 7 more bodies, bringing the death toll from the crash to 86.

View: The results of a search for survivors of a collapsed building in Miami have been announced

“This is an amazing and heartbreaking number that affects all of us so deeply. The scale of this tragedy is growing day by day,” Miami-Tate County Mayor Daniel Levine Cava told a news conference this Saturday.

The councilor added that the number of missing persons in the operation has risen to 43 today and the number of those located in the area has risen to 211, taking into account the work of the detectives involved in the operation, which allowed to update the list of who lived in the 12-storey building.

At the only press conference of the day in connection with the accident, which took place in the early hours of June 24, the mayor pointed out that the number of identified deaths had risen to 62, of which there were 61 announcements for families who had lost any member of the tragic event.

He said the work of the Miami-Tate Medical Examiner’s Office has increased as a result of this tragedy, and in light of this, the coronation of neighboring Broward County has been combined.

More than 13 million pounds of concrete and rubble (approximately 6 million kg) have been removed from the site of the southern condominium since 1981, with the help of about 60 trucks working on the site each day. Officers.

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At least two members of the search team must be hospitalized, one for “heart attack” and the other for degeneration.

A Miami-Tate police officer joined them, having to undergo surgery after his leg ran over a truck a few days ago.

Among the latest victims identified by Miami-Date police are relatives of Silvana Lopez-Morera, Paraguay’s first lady. Their first daughter was Sophia Lopez-Morera; Her husband, Louis Bettencill, 36, and Louis Lopez Morera III, 3, and one of three children by marriage.

Similarly, on Friday, the body of 23-year-old Leedi Luna Villalpa, who was traveling with her family to work as a nanny, was identified.

The President of Paraguay Mario Apto Benades arrived in South Florida on Friday, where he will remain until July 13 “for specific reasons related to the events that took place in Miami,” the Supreme Court explained in a letter he sent. Justice of that country.

They have also identified 31-year-old Penny Weiss; According to a recent Miami-Date police report, Angela Velasquez, 60, and Ilan Neyrif, 21, were arrested.

The causes of the apartment building collapse are under investigation and a legal battle to compensate for the damage has already begun with some residents south of Sampline Towers.

According to documents in the Surface Mayor’s records, the now-missing building had structural problems that were discovered by an engineering firm in 2018, and the community has been slow to make expensive recommended repairs.

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Partial collapse of a building in Florida
The 12-storey apartment building on the Surface north of Miami Beach collapsed Thursday, killing at least one person and sparking a frantic search for those trapped in the rubble. (Source: AFP)
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