December 9, 2022

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Christmas bonus 2022 in Venezuela: when will this benefit be paid and how do I know if I should receive it? | Tdex-Revtli | | Answers

The , has arrived! To provide support to families in these Government announced to provide For millions of Venezuelans through Carne de la Patria, it is important to know if you are one of the beneficiaries so that the registration process can be carried out according to the established requirements.

Requirements | Christmas Bonus 2022

  • should before Homeland card (Essential Requirement).
  • Register at Motherland wallet.
  • will be selected as Beneficiary of Govt.

How to sign up for the 2022 Christmas Bonus

  • First, you need to have the app installedIn its latest version.
  • yours Homeland card in hand.
  • Scan QR code With a smartphone.
  • Sign in to the app Check out the QR: Scan QR code Or write Username and Password of the Home Organization.
  • Go to the options below and select “MyQR”.
  • Scan QR code is on your back Home Card With the app’s camera.
  • Finally, the app will show you If you are selected or not By Govt to get this financial subsidy.

When is the Christmas 2022 bonus due?

  • As per the information provided Social Vice President of Venezuela,No specific date yet Collection for Bonus for Christmas 2022However, in previous years it was distributed within 15 to 18 days from December.

What is the bonus amount for Christmas 2022?

  • In 2021, the Christmas bonus peace, love and prosperity Its value is 12.00 bolivars. However, Govt Nicol├ís Maduro This year, 2022 is yet to confirm the official amount to be awarded.
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