October 6, 2022


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Christina Ricci cast on Netflix's Addams Family Show Wednesday in a dead twist

Christina Ricci cast on Netflix’s Addams Family Show Wednesday in a dead twist

Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday Adams in the ’90s from the movie adaptation of Addams familyin the upcoming Netflix series directed by Tim Burton that focuses on Wednesday. Her role was not disclosed, according to diverseyou will do not To play an old version of the deadpanning Goth you played in the original movies. Nor will she play Morticia, the wife of the Adams family. Catherine Zeta-Jones Morticia will play Luis Guzman as Gomez Adams.

Meanwhile, the role of Wednesday was played by Gina Ortega (Jane the Virgin), who is now a teenager and attends Nevermore Academy. The show is described as a supernatural mystery, with a mixture of school drama. Wednesday tries to harness her budding psychic abilities, while stopping the killing spree and diving into a decades-old supernatural mystery.

Ricci’s involvement is unclear, but it does give the series some of the Meta edge. And hey, the multiverse is in the zeitgeist after all.

The role puts Richie on a straight line: after appearing briefly in Resurrection MatrixI recently ordered the buzzy Showtime series yellow jackets. Netflix Wednesday It comes from Al Gough and Miles Millar (Smallville), with Burton directing the series’ track. The show is tentatively scheduled to premiere later in 2022.

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