October 6, 2022


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Christina Kirchner | Argentina: They arrested a man who tried to assassinate the vice president in front of his house in Recoleta | Fernando Andres Sabag Montiel | Video | the world

One person was arrested on Thursday For pointing a gun at the Vice President A week after the prosecutor’s office sought his arrest on corruption charges, he arrived home amid crowds of supporters. “Cristina is still alive because, for a reason still technically unconfirmed, the weapon with five bullets did not fire despite being triggered,” President Alberto Fernandez said in a midnight message to the nation.

See: The weapon they used to assassinate Christina Kirchner was a .380 revolver and was loaded with bullets.

“This reality is very serious, the most serious since we restored democracy in 1983,” the president said.

The image of the man pointing at Kirchner’s face at a very short distance was reproduced by various television channels.

Defense Minister Anibal Fernandez said the man was arrested Thursday night as the president of the Senate and Parliament was returning to his home in the Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

“Now our people have to analyze the situation from a scientific (police) point of view to assess the clues and capacity and mentality that the person had,” the minister said.

The man approached Kirchner Amidst the crowd waiting to greet her and autograph her autobiography.

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Amid growing polarization, hundreds of militants have gathered outside the home since last week Kirchner69, was accused of corruption during his government (2007-15) and the prosecutor’s office sought a 12-year prison sentence and lifetime disqualification against him.

See: After the assassination attempt on Cristina Kirchner, Alberto Fernandez declared Friday a national holiday

“There has been an attack against our Vice President And social peace is disturbed. Argentina Another minute cannot be wasted, it is necessary to banish violence and hatred from political and media discourse and from our lives in society”, said Fernandez.

“I contacted the investigating judge about what happened. I requested to clarify the responsibilities and facts as soon as possible. Further The life of the detained criminal should be ensured“, he added.

The moment of attempted assault against Christina Kirchner. (AFP). /

According to reports, the attacker may be a 35-year-old Brazilian.

The president ordered this Friday a holiday so that “the people of Argentina can express themselves in solidarity with our vice president in defense of the life of democracy.”

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez has spoken out about the assassination attempt against Cristina Kirchner.  (You Tube Channel of the Presidency of Argentina / AFP).
Argentine President Alberto Fernandez has spoken out about the assassination attempt against Cristina Kirchner. (You Tube Channel of the Presidency of Argentina / AFP).


The attack on the vice president was rejected by the opposition coalition Together for Change, which demanded an investigation into the events, and by the cabinet of ministers and several Latin American political leaders.

“I absolutely reject the attack suffered by Cristina Kirchner, which fortunately did not have any consequences for the Vice President. This very serious fact requires an immediate and profound clarification by the justice system and the security forces,” former center-right leader Mauricio Macri (2015-19) wrote on Twitter.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro issued a message of unity on Twitter. “We send our solidarity to the CFK Argentina vice president in the face of the attempt on his life. We strongly reject this act of disturbing the peace of our brother Argentines. The great homeland is with you mate! #FuerzaArgentina #FuerzaCristina”, he wrote.

Similarly, Bolivian President Luis Arce expressed his support for Kirchner, along with former Bolivian President Evo Morales.

“We firmly reject the attempted assassination of Sister @CFKArgentina, Vice President of #Argentina. From the Plurinational State of #Bolivia, we send all our support to her, her family, the government and the people of Argentina. #TodosConCrsitina”, Ars wrote on Twitter.

The Vice President also received support from US Ambassador Mark Stanley, who announced on Twitter: “We are relieved to know that Vice President @CFKArgentina is well. Joining America Argentina To all peaceful people in rejecting violence, extremism and hatred everywhere.

PFA action outside Christina Kirchner's home.
PFA action outside Christina Kirchner’s home.


Kirchner, leader of the center-left current of Peronism ArgentinaHe was indicted along with twelve others for the crimes of illegal association and bad fraud management for favoring businessman Lázaro Boyas from the presidency through tenders in the province of Santa Cruz (South), his political stronghold.

The Vice President enjoys parliamentary privileges, which protect him from imprisonment and impeachment if convicted of a crime.

A defense hearing is due to begin next week. It is estimated that Kirchner will be able to intervene at the end of September.

The State Attorney’s Office has calculated that about $1,000 million has been defrauded from the government.

Kirchner He has been acquitted in several cases for alleged crimes during his presidency, but he faces five more trials.