June 26, 2022


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China has warned that it will “fight to the end” to prevent Taiwan’s independence

China “I will fight to the end” to prevent Taiwan To announce its independence, the Chinese Defense Minister said Sunday, at a time when tensions on the island are escalating with the United States.

“We will fight to the end, at any cost, this is the only way ChinaMinister Wei Fengke said this during the Shangri-La dialogue with the Singapore Security Council.

“Those who pursue Taiwan’s independence in an attempt to divide China will surely face a dire outcome,” he said.

“No one should underestimate the commitment and capability of the Chinese military in safeguarding its territorial integrity.”

Tension between major powers

His speech came a day after US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was accused China Near the “provocative and destructive” military operation Taiwan.

Beijing believes TaiwanDemocratic and self-governing, it is part of its territory, waiting to be forcibly reunited if necessary.

The Tensions between China And the United States on the island China’s air strikes on Taiwan’s air defense zone have increased.


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