September 29, 2022

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China East: Shocking video of the moment of the Boeing 737 plane crash in Guangxi | The world

A A total of 132 people were killed in the worst domestic plane crash in Asia since 2010. Hours after the crash, a shocking video of the moment the device crashed was released.

Hours later, China’s Civil Aviation Administration (CAAC) issued a statement saying the plane with 123 passengers and 9 crew had crashed between the cities of Kunming (southwest) and Canton (southeast). Accident.

View: China’s East Boeing 737 with 132 people on board crashes in Guangxi

First, state television CCTV reported that there were 133 people on board MU5735, which took off at 1:15 pm local time (05:15 GMT) and crashed into the ground in the area. Guangzhou (South) Without knowing further details at this time or if there are any survivors.

There was no word on what caused the crash: “The exact nature of the incident has not yet been determined,” CCTV said in a statement.

Security cameras at Wujo Beizen Mining Co., a Chinese mining company 5.8 kilometers from the village of Molong where the plane crashed, recorded footage of the crash. The video was released by the Chinese media and verified by the Reuters agency.

In those scenes you can clearly see the plane crashing to the ground at very high speeds. The vertical fall of the plane is interesting.

The last reported by Chinese airline was when a Henan Airlines plane crashed on August 24, 2010 in Yichun City, Heilongjiang, killing 44 people.

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However, in 2016, five people were killed in another crash in Shanghai (east), the Joar seaplane that made its maiden voyage with ten people on board.

According to the official Global Times newspaper, as of February, China has surpassed 100 million safe flight times, the best mark in the country’s history.

Rescue operations are underway

Rescue teams were dispatched from various places in the south China They went to the starting point – as soon as the fire was extinguished – although the search operation was less likely to locate survivors, considering the height at which the device fell to the ground, according to images aired on social networks.

At present, more than 650 troops and 23 fire trucks are stationed in Deng County, Wujo City, Guangxi.

Rescue crews extinguished the fire around 5:00 pm (09:00 GMT) local time.According to the state chain.

After the show, Chinese President Xi Jinping said he was shocked.And the State Council (Executive) set up a committee to investigate the causes of the accident “as soon as possible” and to “ensure complete safety of air operations” and other potential safety issues in the civil aviation sector. Air Transport “.

The flight was expected to take one hour and forty minutes, in which the device, nearly seven years old, had to travel 1,357 kilometers separating Canton from Kunming.

According to data from the FlightRadar24 flight tracking portal, the plane was flying at 29,100 feet (8,870 meters) at 2:19 pm (06:19 GMT) local time, 55 kilometers west of Wujo. Began to descend.

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According to the aforementioned portal, the plane’s last contact was 25 kilometers southwest of Wuzhou.At an altitude of 3,225 feet (989 meters), the device descended almost 8,000 meters at 2:22 pm (06:22 GMT) local time, in just three minutes.

China’s eastern and Boeing stock markets fall

Within an hour of the event being confirmed, the airline’s website and application East ChinaSecond in the country, they changed their screens to black and white as a sign of grief over the accident.

They also ordered that all 737-800 aircraft remain on the ground after the crash until further information about what happened was available, according to local newspapers.

Following the incident, China Eastern shares in New York lost 16.03% during negotiations before opening the market at 5:15 pm (09:15 GMT) Beijing time, according to the economic news portal Yicai.

The same media refers to the headlines as BoeingIt was down 8% in London and 6.6% in New York.

In recent months, the US company seems to be moving closer to re-authorizing its 737-MAX – which is different from the crashed device – to fly the plane again. China It continued its ban in March 2019 after two accidents that killed nearly 350 people in Ethiopia and Indonesia.

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