August 17, 2022

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Chile: Reasons New Constitution Rejected One Month After Referendum

The plurality of states, the abolition of the senate, the judicial system, the greater presence of the state or free abortion create greater uncertainty in some aspects of the constitutional proposal. ChiliAs explained by promoters rejection Text written by 154 democratically elected convention members.

One option, rejection, currently holds a majority in polls, but is trending downward in comparison I approveWhat does it look like? Land among a large number of undecideds.

Although there will be only two choices on the ballot in the referendum, in society Chili The idea that constitutional reform will continue beyond September 4, whatever the outcome, is also established.

In this context, sixty social organizations launched this week the command “Citizen House of Rejection”, which has the slogan “Made with Rage” as one of its engines.

“Many of these movements and their causes participated in the constitutional process through popular ethical initiatives, but unfortunately they were not heard. This text is not a proposal that unites us as Chileans, that is why, with great confidence, we will come. We say that we want to continue to advance outside the community,” said spokesman Claudio Salinas. said.

“Excessive Statistics”

The former governor of Cautín province, Mapuche lawyer Richard Caifal, criticizes the proposal as a “pendulum movement, going from”. A state that guarantees freedom to one who is omnipresent“.

“We fall into excessive statistics (…) The current state guarantees individuals to carry out any economic activity, and the proposal removes that possibility. For example, due to the rights of nature. The state, which was a subsidiary, now takes the main place. Our reality,” Keibal told Efe.

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Stefania Geldres, spokeswoman for “Con mi plata no”, an organization that defends the private ownership of pension funds managed by private companies (AFP), criticized the state’s high presence.

“I don’t believe in state matters. In the case of pensions, no one has assured us that they can make the state fund as profitable as the AFPs,” he said on Efe.

“Con mi plata no” presented one of the proposals that collected the most signatures, but it was rejected Constitutional Convention.

Diversity, legislative power and judicial systems

According to Kaifalin, head of the Rakizuam Foundation, an organization dedicated to “intercultural dialogue”, it “shows very complex situations to understand” that have “created a lot of uncertainty among citizens”.

“For example, diversity. Its implications are not yet fully understood. We don’t notice more complexity in the concept, but in the contents,” he explained.

The text recognizes 11 tribal nations Chili and open to “others recognized in the manner established by law.”

One of those controversial implications is the “coexistence” of indigenous legal systems and national systems under the Supreme Court’s umbrella.

“There are criticisms that point to the weakening of the judiciary or the creation of two parallel systems, which originate from a misunderstanding or a partial reading of the proposed regulations,” explains Jose Antonio Ramírez, doctor of constitutional law and professor at the university. Efe of O’Higgins (UOH).

“Judicial work takes into account the customs and traditions of the original people, but it does not imply a different criminal or civil law,” he notes.

Likewise, it occurs with the abolition of the Senate and the transition to an “asymmetrical bicameral” system, or a deadline for abortion, which also generates opposition from traditional parties.

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Wrong information

According to NGO Digital Rights, 58% of people were admitted in the first quarter Got wrong information about the conferenceMostly from social networks.

The scene hasn’t changed: numerous complaints about “fake news” in media and platforms, mainly from right-wing groups, revealed Magdalena Saldana, an academic at the Catholic University. Chili.

“Most misinformation is concentrated in groups representing the right and independent 32%. However, 100% of misinformation is concentrated a little more on the right”, leaning towards rejection, said Saldana, a researcher at the Delaware site.

Future scenarios

Given the uncertainty over the outcome, President Gabriel Boric warned that rejection would lead to a return to square one and insisted the current proposal could be reformed.

Claudio Alvarado, executive director of the Institute for Studies of Society (IES), criticized it, a statement that made many think that “he did not behave as a leader of state approval.”

“Which of the two alternatives is the best starting point to continue the constitutional dialogue until September 4,” he concluded.

(with information from EFE)

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