May 19, 2022

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Chile: Mapuche native Elisa Lonson has been elected president of the Constituent Assembly

Maboch Representative Elisa Lonson Was elected president This Sunday, July 4, is the Constitutional Conference of Chile. He is a doctor of linguistics and an expert in cultural culture and received 96 votes in the inaugural meeting of the Assembly, which aims to create the new Magna Carta.

Lanson won the majority and knocked down right-hander Harry Jurkenson, who got 33 moves. No candidate received the required minimum of 78 votes in the first round.

Eliza Lawson addressed her first words as volume president at Mapuch. Later, in Spanish, he greeted Chile and thanked his colleagues. He declared that his work would be considered “for all the people of Chile, and for all the original nations that come with us.”

“We are establishing a path that is pluralistic, democratic, participatory. This conference will transform Chile into a multicultural, multicultural Chile,” Lonsan said in his address to the conference.

Lonson PhD in Linguistics and Specialist in Cultural Bilingual Education. The legislature will be led by a tribal woman who will “be a step towards establishing a different Chile, which respects the diversity of man. This was not done institutionally. ”This left-wing policy was considered a few days ago without party militancy.

“We are trying to establish pluralism in the new constitution, which means the recognition of the ten pre-existing states of the Chilean state. Eliza Lonson said in an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Boss.


Mapuche Representative Elisa Lonson has been named professor of English at the University of La Frontera in Chile. University Autonomous Metropolitan, Istabalaba UAM (Mexico), holds a Masters Degree in Linguistics, PhD in Humanities from the University of Leiden (Netherlands) and a PhD in Literature from the University Catalica de Chile in Pondicherry.

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He is a full-time professor at the University of Santiago, focusing on Maputugan teaching and research on its sustainability in the contemporary context.

Chile: Mapuche native Elisa Lonson has been elected president of the Constituent Assembly