August 15, 2022

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Chile: Man kills father-in-law after discovering he was abusing his children | Santiago de Chile | The world

The shocking case of “family revenge” shakes the community of Budahuel .

Mira: Everything you need to know about the news in Chile

One person was arrested for murder at this location. He ended his own life Father-in-law.

The 31-year-old attacker killed his wife’s father. He abused his daughter. The 71-year-old abused his own granddaughter.

I waited until I was asleep

The Chilean Police Homicide Squad is leading the case to complete the investigation and unite.Puzzle pieces

What is known so far is that the killer allegedly abused his victim.

It was her daughter who repeatedly said that her grandfather had touched her inappropriately.

This Sunday, August 29, there was a trigger for the situation.

The 71-year-old man — the abuser — lived in the home with his wife, his daughter, his nephew and the daughter of that relationship.

The mother, who faced her daughter’s persuasion for continued abuse, decided to go with her to reprimand the grandfather. At that moment, while the old man was asleep, the minor’s father approached his father-in-law and attacked him with a sharp weapon.

After that, he called his partner to report what had happened.

(We tell him: The man would have killed his brother after arguing about the avocado).

Authorities say the woman received the call while she was at the police station reprimanding her paternal grandfather. He returned home with several officers, stumbled upon the place where he was dying and arrested the killer.

“Carabineros took the complaint and went home to verify that the person was dead (…) (in connection with the sexual abuse) by the prosecutor’s office,” said Julio Cepallos, a member of the murder brigade, at a news conference.

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Versions found

The man accused of the murder and his accomplice claim the young woman was abused by the elderly.

However, Sandra, the wife of the murdered old man (not mentioned if she was the minor’s grandmother who reported the abuse), insisted she was innocent, in fact the young woman lied to her parents about the fraudulent behavior of her grandfather.

“They were cruel to my old man. She (his daughter) took drugs (…) I believe him blindly. He was never going to do that, with his grandchildren, his eyes were children. There is no basis to do anything like that,” he local said. Told the media.

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