January 26, 2022


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Chile | “Illegal!”: Massive march in the northern Chilean port against Venezuelan immigration | Iquique | Colcan | Photos | The world

Nearly 3,000 people marched against the undocumented settlement in the northern city of Iquique this Saturday. , A day after being forcibly evicted from a square, large numbers of people, mostly Venezuelans, slept in tents with children.

In the context of the apparent rejection of Venezuelan immigrants, protesters sang a city anthem and hoisted Chilean flags, as well as the colorful pavilion Vibala, a native Andean people.

They sang and put up slogans on banners such as: “No more illegal immigration” and “Chile is a reputable republic”.

From Plaza Broad, to the Historic Center EquigThe protesters continued about 10 volumes towards the Pacific coast, where police had to control the isolated conflicts caused by Chile residents who attacked the streets of Venezuela.

They have been trying to sneak into other parts of the resort since Saturday morning to avoid protesters, AFP reporters confirmed.

Other radical protesters went to a small camp for Venezuelan immigrants – they were not there – and burned some of their belongings in a barricade: tents, mattresses, bags, blankets, toys.

“I was born, raised, and spoiled Equig I’m always lived in the north, and what we are experiencing is horrible, because the problem is that they have opened prisons in Venezuela, and part of that population has come to Chile. “ Welis Rifo, a 48-year-old farmer from La Tirana in a kind of desert oasis, told AFP 72 km east. Equig, By echoing a false rumor.

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“The worst thing is that the Chilean government allowed this to grow and that the people who came were not political refugees or immigrants, but contributing to their work. Many criminals have come here.”The increase in the number of settlements created by settlers with cardboard and tin houses on the border of this port, nearly 2,000 km from Santiago, lamented like many protesters.

Other protesters called on the most violent to respect the peaceful action, while Venezuelan staff and Chilean diners at the historic center’s restaurants saw what they described from a distance. “Sadness”.

“Not all Venezuelans steal, not all Chileans hate us”They smiled at a table in Cafe Francesco in Plaza Broad.

“Bad management”

The demonstration takes place after a night in plaza Brazil where poor and undocumented immigrants who could not reach Santiago survived the night by selling sweets in the city lights, begging or cleaning windows.

During the police operation, which was rejected by local authorities and humanitarian organizations, Jeremy, a 4-year-old Venezuelan boy wanted by police officers on Saturday morning, showed his photos to passersby on the beach and went missing for more than 24 hours. Finally the little one was found.

“Fortunately they found the child, but it sums up the mismanagement of this humanitarian drama, which the government hopes will deport some and expel them from a square.”, Reported Franklin Perez, administrator of a building in the center Equig.

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The governor of the Tarapacá region, Jose Miguel Carvajal, blamed the government of President Sebastian Pinera for the migration crisis in northern Chile, complaining that neither he nor the city mayor had warned of eviction on Friday. Of the population.

“100 families in Plaza Brazil today (Saturday) are wandering around in different public places; they are relocating with close friends, with whom they are going to stay again with tents on the beaches. Equig, And others mobilize to take on the Aldo Hasbicio (settlements). “, Industrial zone in the suburbs Equig.

Venezuela has the largest community in Chile, with a population of more than 400,000, although it is estimated that income from smuggling has increased since 2020, when Chile closed its borders due to the epidemic.

In addition, the Chilean government changed the policy of immigration solidarity with Venezuela, protected by President Pinara in 2018, and even issued special visas for Venezuela “There were opportunities in Chile.”

Since then, the approval of any visa for travelers from Venezuela has been drastically reduced, and then the borders have been closed due to the epidemic and many Venezuelans have begun to arrive after living for a few years in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

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According to the Jesuit Immigration Service (SJM) for September, the income of the population through secret crossroads to Chile was 23,673 as of July.

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