January 26, 2022


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Chile has announced plans to apply a third dose to vaccinate against COVID-19

Chairman of Chile, Sebastian Pinera, Announced this Thursday that the country will begin to apply Third booster dose against COVID-19. In a statement, the president said the event would begin on August 11.

“We have decided to start strengthening the vaccine for all people who have already received two doses of the vaccine. Sinovac“In addition, he noted that this dose will be used for people over 55 years of age.

Minister of Health Chile, Enrique ParisHe added that studies have been conducted on 570 people to see how they behave Third dose Details about the implementation of this project will not be decided until these results are available.

To date, in Chile More than 29 million Corona antiviral drugs Since the start of a major vaccination campaign six months ago, more than 80% of the target population has been reached with a single dose or a second dose – about 15 million people.

Infections and deaths

In the last health balance, a total of 674 new infections were diagnosed, reaching a total of 1.61 million since the outbreak in March 2020.

In total, 6,402 patients are in critical condition, while 1,278 are hospitalized and 1,008 require mechanical ventilation support.

According to the Department of Statistics and Information (DEIS) of the Ministry of Health, 31 deaths have been reported COVID-19, Raising the number of confirmed deaths from the disease to 35,671 and more than 45,000 considering suspicious cases.

(With information from EFE)

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