December 8, 2021

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Chile expels 120 Venezuelan and Colombian migrants in biggest deportation of the year | The world

Government of The deportation of 120 Venezuelan and Colombian migrants on a charter flight on Thursday was the largest deportation operation carried out this year as part of a strategy aimed at encouraging the deportation of 1,500 people from the country by 2021.

“There are efforts by organizations to prevent these evictions, but Chile and the Interior Ministry comply with the law and foreigners who commit crimes or enter secretly will be deported,” he said. Alvaro Bellolio, director of the National Migration Service, pointed out.

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According to official information, Most Venezuelans (over 70) And they were deported for not continuing to enter the country or for crimes ranging from kidnapping to immigration to murder, intimidation and robbery.

More than 800 people have been deported on seven different flights this year due to a new, stricter immigration law passed by Conservative Sebastian Pinera in April. Under the motto of “ordering home” and forcing foreigners to obtain visas in their home countries.

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The evictions have drawn strong criticism from various trusted and human rights organizations, such as Human Rights Watch (HRW) and the United Nations, which have warned of gross violations of the fundamental rights of foreigners.

They condemned the brief evictions from the HRW over the weekend (when the appellate courts were closed), telephone calls or barriers to access to lawyers and the separation of families.

The Supreme Court has overturned several deportation orders in the past few months Considering that they were the product of “adequate administrative controversy practice”, but in almost all cases this cancellation was made after the deportation.

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They point out that they have finalized the criteria and norms of expulsion from the ruling party in recent months with the particular court and promise that only the new immigration law will apply.

Despite the epidemic and social crisis that erupted in 2019, a way for the government to “regulate” the situation of foreigners is taking its first steps. Chile It is one of the most attractive countries to immigrate to Latin America due to its political and economic stability.

Meanwhile, experts point out that the number of people passing through unauthorized crossings is on the rise, as demonstrated in recent months in the northern part of the country, which has experienced a severe crisis as borders are being tightened and thousands of people are entering. Undocumented people.

Many border towns were on the verge of collapse in September and October and there were many anti-migration rallies and riots.

Rated as Chile About 1.4 million immigrants – equal to 7% of the population – make up the largest community in Venezuela, with a population of about 450,000, followed by Peruvians and Haitians.

According to the criteria

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