May 28, 2023

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Can the US “recover” the Internet in Cuba as suggested by Joe Biden?

Recommendation of the President Joe Biden about what United States Give Cuba Full Internet access may break new ground in digital rights, but it faces significant technical and geopolitical barriers.

Following the statements of President Senator Marco Rubio and Florida Governor Ron Desantis, the president’s statement said Washington should launch satellites, balloons and access points by sea. Cuba.

“They have cut off internet access and we are considering whether we have the technical capability to restore that access,” Biden told reporters Thursday.

Human rights activists have welcomed the idea of ​​providing unrestricted internet to Cubans after the island government reduced applications and affiliate services in the face of strong internal opposition.

However, Milton Mர்ller, a professor at the University of Technology in Georgia and director of the Internet Management Program, said, “I do not know how timely or easy this will be.”

“There is no way the Cuban government will reduce access Easy to connect from balloon or drone“.

Cuba has stable and limited access to the mobile Internet and has used other methods to filter online content with Chinese-made technology, said Caspar Bisanu of Access Digital Rights Group.

“They are removing people’s ability to use mobile data by withdrawing SIM cards, censoring hashtags and blocking messages on VPN,” he said.

To get internet limits, Enthusiasts attract a variety of resourcesVirtual private networks (VPNs), including “mesh networks” that connect groups of computers and techniques to hide their functionality, but none have been used on a large scale.

– “Basic Human Rights” –

Satellite, drone and balloon internet services are in their infancy and are often accessed by official operators.

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But it is possible Havana The Human Rights Council Independent House notes that any attempt to operate an unfiltered Internet would be considered a violation of your sovereignty.

“Cuba’s legal system is not conducive to cyber freedom, and there is no independent justice system in the country that can oppose the government’s efforts to suppress online action,” the association said in its 2020 report.

“The Internet is a fundamental human right in the digital age,” said Darrell West, a senior colleague at the Brookings Institution’s Center for Technology Innovation.

Sebastian Argos, Co-Director, Cuban Research Institute, International University of Florida, welcomes their intentions Biden And others, and argued that “the Cuban regime is abusing the notion of sovereignty to oppress its people.”

But he noted that such an attempt would “be problematic in the history of the United States and Cuba.”

M மாற்றுller added that an alternative Internet program would “intensify opposition to the Cuban government and be an excuse to confirm that this is US imperialist action.”

Pisanu said his organization had asked Cuba to fully restore the connection, without advertising an alternative Internet. (AFP)

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