February 4, 2023


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Brazil | Shocking images of government buildings captured in Brazil | Jair Bolsonaro | Lula da Silva | Brasilia | Planaldo Palace | Congress | Photos | the world

Supporters of the former president They broke through a fence set up by security forces and military police and stormed the National Congress, Planaldo’s presidential palace and the Supreme Court, television images showed.

The pictures show that the protesters broke the windows and doors of the headquarters of the three forces and destroyed the premises.

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President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva Not found in this BrazilAs he spends the weekend in Sao Paulo, on Sunday he traveled to Araraguara, in the interior of the state, to oversee the damage caused by the rains in the area.

Supporters Bolsonaro They have been camping for several weeks in front of the army headquarters in BrazilAs well as in other cities, Lula was elected president in a rally against the results of the elections.

Fearing that the situation could worsen, Justice and Public Security Minister Flavio Dino signed a decree on Saturday authorizing the use of the National Public Security Force.

In a post on Twitter on Sunday, Dino said “this ridiculous attempt to force a will will not succeed.”

“The Federal District Government confirms that there will be reinforcements. And the forces we have are working. I am at the headquarters of the Ministry of Justice”, Minister wrote.

Rodrigo Pacheco, president of the Senate and Congress, said on Twitter that he spoke by phone with Ibanez Rocha, the governor of the central district, about the situation. Rocha would have let him know that he was paying attention “Efforts of the entire police apparatus to control the situation.”

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“In addition to the legislative police of the Congress, the security forces of the Federal District are also involved in the operation. I strongly reject these anti-democratic actions, which should urgently suffer the severity of the law,” Pacheco said.

It comes two years and two days after supporters of US President Donald Trump stormed the three-power compound. The Washington Capitol, the seat of the US Congress, has been stormed in an attempt to block the certification of Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election.