December 9, 2022

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Brazil | Sergio Murillo | Ceará | Tourist records his own death while riding a zip line in Video Viral | the world

Sergio Murillo, a 39-year-old tourist, recorded his death after falling from a great height until the zip line he was descending on broke and he hit the ground. This tragedy happened in Ceará. .

The tourist was with his family when he decided to go down Kanoa Creek with the support of a zip line. In addition, the man has his amazing record.

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But suddenly, in the middle of the trail, you see the moment the zip line gives way and the tourist falls violently onto the sand.

On the other hand, attraction is the wife Sergio Murillo She was also recording her husband’s tour. She was already past the zip line. She also registered his death.

After falling, the wife started running in desperation Help your partner.

According to a Brazilian newspaper, Sergio Murillo He was treated at the scene and taken to hospital, but Despite efforts to revive him en route, he arrived lifeless.

The incident took place on October 10 and authorities are now trying to ascertain the condition of the zip line. Who are the criminals? For the death of a tourist.

The owner of the attraction and a worker have already been questioned. And efforts are being made to determine the height of the fall.

After the accident, it was revealed Murillo According to the Infobay portal, not knowing what would come next, he posted videos of himself climbing on the zip line’s social networks.

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