May 28, 2023

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Brazil | Franேன்ois Andrade | They put drugs in the drink of an influencer and abuse her: “I did not know they raped me” | NNDC | The world

Young Frenchman Andrade, an influencer , Condemned sexual abuse after consuming the drug “Good Night Cinderella” during a festival in the municipality of Jaguarina in the state of Sவோo Paulo on the night and early morning of November 26 and 27.

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According to , The 23-year-old victim was said to have been given the drug with a heavy hallucinogen mixed with drinks.

The managing director explains that eaters of the so-called “Boa Noid Cinderella” by Brazilians may faint because their body creates a general state of confusion. Brazilian Public Health Forum, Samira is good.

“The person is depressed and vulnerable, so the aggressor can take advantage of them. It is very common for victims not to remember what happened next and it is difficult to complain., The expert says, this drug is used by young people and is kept in bars “For abuse”.

French Andrade Admits not remembering what happened at that celebration: “I do not know if I was raped. At night I started to feel pain and after medical tests, it was discovered that I had been abused. Selection does not determine whether it is one, two or three persons..

In an interview with reporters, the influencer said he saw her lying down with signs of distraction from consuming some drugs on the street where the celebration took place.

“I have photos of all the injuries. Do not come to blame the victim. You have no idea what is going on in my head. I don’t know how much Manam kills. I have never lied in my life. “, Said.

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The 53 security cameras at the scene are being checked by the Civil Police to clarify the case. 2nd Court of Jaguarina. The municipal police have already investigated three of the victim’s comrades who met at the party, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

A friend French Andrade Says that “I was nearby” Influencer for most events.

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