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“Bring your own drinks,” read Martin Reynolds’ personal email invitation to the US Secretary of State. , . It was May 20, 2020, and all Britons – and most of the world – were confined to their homes to control the epidemic. , Downing Street staff attended a party to “enjoy the good weather and have some drinks with a community break.”

For more than a year and a half, the meeting cost a fortune Johnson. A meeting, in addition, is not the only meeting, but adds to the long list of social events conducted by the British authorities in 2020, when a series of restrictions will apply to the population.

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Chief Minister Before Parliament, Johnson’s reputation continued to plummet, while his administration was plagued by corruption and misconduct.

“I want to apologize. I know that in the last 18 months millions of citizens of this country have made extraordinary sacrifices. I know the pain of not being able to mourn relatives, not being able to live as you wish, not being able to do what you want.He told lawmakers, amid shouts from his opponents.

Boris Johnson told parliament that the meeting he attended “did not technically violate the rules”. To find out if they will continue to support him, he will have to wait for the reaction of his own party. REUTERS

Because above all Penance came sweetly With that argument “I implicitly believed it was a work event” and “technically it can be said to be subject to regulations.”

“It’s a pathetic scene. Are you going to do the right thing now and resign?, He defeated his main rival, Labor leader Khair Stormer, whom he considered an “attack” on the British, and their prime minister apologized. “I didn’t know I was going to a party.”

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Boris Johnson The complex was able to get out of many problems, but I hope it has already filled the glass, especially since it is an issue involving people These feasts were held when the government demanded drastic measures from the BritishPaulina Astrosa, a lawyer and expert in European affairs, is a professor of international law and international relations at the Concepcion University in Chile.

“Moreover, the British are tired of the environment Johnson, Polls are declining not only within Labor but also among conservativesHe adds.

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Johnson Take the English now as fools who pretend “I do not know this is a feast”, Hannah Brady, spokeswoman for the Association of Relatives of Those Killed by Govt-19, responded.

Protesters protested before Boris Johnson's presentation in parliament, where he apologized for attending a fully locked social event.  (AP Photo / Frank Austin)
Protesters protested before Boris Johnson’s presentation in parliament, where he apologized for attending a fully locked social event. (AP Photo / Frank Austin)

How long will Johnson last?

A point against Boris Johnson His comrades no longer like him. In a YouGov poll on Tuesday, 56% of 5,391 adults thought they should resign. And at the end of December, He pointed out that his approval did not reach 24%.

“Johnson has always been a controversial figure, and during his tenure as mayor of London, he became a key critic of former Prime Minister Theresa May’s during the Brexit talks.Astrosa mentions.

As for the workers, the exit is clear Johnson That is a fact. But it does not depend on them. The Conservative Party – still led by the Prime Minister – must decide whether to call an internal election to replace him.

According to Reuters, 15% of Conservative MPs writing letters seeking a vote of confidence from the party’s 1922 committee chairman could challenge Johnson’s leadership, which represents lawmakers who do not hold government positions. The Conservative Party has 360 delegates, so 54 letters of this type must be written for the confidence vote.

Many conservative lawmakers expressed their displeasure with Johnson, but no one has yet publicly stated that he wrote to Graham Brady, the 1922 committee chairman. The letters are confidential, so Brady is the only person who knows how many people have done so.

The Omigron variant has once again put more pressure on British hospitals.  EFE / EPA / ANDY RAIN
The Omigron variant has once again put more pressure on British hospitals. EFE / EPA / ANDY RAIN

“The options are for him to resign voluntarily and appoint a new leader of the Conservative Party, but this too can be forced by a motion of no confidence, and the formation of a new government must be negotiated without his leadership. Or early elections will be held. I hope his days in government are numbered.” Astrosa explains.

Epidemic management, especially in the first weeks, was highly critical. However, he later corrected the trend and began population controls to control the virus. But it was at this point that the social gathering of government officials took place.

Add to this the supply crisis that the country is facing due to ‘Brexit’. Very popular This led to fuel shortages for several weeks in various pipelines across the country. “These problems did not help her get the image of a good manager, a good crisis manager.”

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