December 9, 2022

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Bolivia | Holy Cross | José Eduardo Sosa: Young man stabbed to death, heart taken out at checkpoint | Louise Maple | Census | the world

One person was injured and one died and his heart was cut when they stood vigil at a picket point in the eastern part of Santa Cruz demanding 20 days of indefinite strike to conduct the census in 2023. 2024 is not decided by Govt .

Early Thursday morning, two youths were holding a vigil at the blockade point Latin Quarterlyin the Los Lodes area of ​​the city Santa Cruzwere They were “ambushed” by a group of men who attacked and stabbed them.According to a neighbor’s story to the media.

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Due to this condition one of them, John J. M.21 years old, mortally wounded He was also transferred to a French hospital in intensive care due to injuries to his stomach, Laura Montero, the injured man’s sister, told the media.

The other youth who was attacked died on the spot Her body was found with her heart exposed on top of her chestThis led to neighbors going out to help him through videos broadcast on social media.

Police arrived at the scene where a black flag with a Bolivian flag had been placed for the youth’s death and sealed off the area for investigations.

A government ministry said the body of 28-year-old Jose ESG was recovered. It also confirmed that the cause of death was “preliminary” as “open chest trauma” and that the other person was in intensive care.

“So far, investigations have indicated that the deaths were due to clashes between squatters who are part of gangs.” the ministry said in the statement.

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For its part, the State Attorney General’s Office said the fact “borders on a hate crime because of the manner in which the young man’s life was taken” and that they have used “all investigative methods” through the Office of the Special Prosecutor for Crimes Against Life. “To identify the culprits.

He added that investigations are being carried out into the death of a 22-year-old youth who died on Wednesday when he was traveling on a motorcycle with two companions after hitting a cable blocking the road and investigating the complaint. A violation by a 21-year-old woman in that area.

Santa Cruz, Bolivia’s economic engine, has been on indefinite strike for 20 days to demand that the census, which is due this year, be held in 2023.

A four-day technical table in the Amazon city of Trinidad discussed the final date of the census, in which technical experts from the government Santa Cruz And the municipalities of Tarija, La Paz and Trinidad left the meetings.

Last Monday that technical table determined that the census could take place between March or April 2024, and now the final decision rests in the hands of Luis Arce’s government.