October 6, 2022


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Igor Bonifacic

‘Black Myth: Wukong’ gets two new trailers but no release date

every august for the past two yearsChinese developer Game Science Studio has released new gameplay footage from the upcoming RPG The Black Legend: Wukong. Nobody misses a moment, I did the same this year. On Friday, the studio shared a new eight-minute game trailer and a six-minute in-game cinematic scene. Much like last year Unreal Engine 5 revealedThe former is part of a demo for NVIDIA DLSS AI-powered upscaling technology, and you can see the difference it made — and a year of extra work — for the game’s frame rate. Compared to last year’s trailer, movement is smoother and there are fewer frame rate drops.

We also see Game Science Studio iterate on the From Software’s Souls format in several interesting ways. One of my favorites involves a plant the protagonist goes to pick up about a third of the way through the clip. When they go to pull it off the ground, it turns out that the Plant is an enemy who can root the player in place, making him vulnerable to powerful combing attacks. It’s a fun twist on the crooked chests of software that should always force you to be on your toes. As for the cinematic trailerit offers a fresh look at Wukong Journey to the WestInspirational tale. It’s hard to say how the scene we’re seeing fits into the broader story Game Science hopes to tell, but the studio clearly has a knack for animation.

Unfortunately, none of the trailers end with the game’s release date. Back in 2020, Game Science Studio said it was hoping to make it happen Black Legend: Wukong to computers and consoles by 2023.

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