September 29, 2022

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Biden reveals $1 billion in humanitarian aid to Ukraine and new sanctions on Russia – Mubasher | US news



Biden said after the summit that NATO is “strong and united as ever.”







US announces $1 billion in humanitarian aid to Ukraine and imposes new sanctions on Russia



US accepts as many as 100,000 Ukrainians fleeing war


On February 24, shortly before dawn in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin The latest in a series of televised titles. His previous appearances contained increasingly ominous speeches Ukraine. Now here was the climax: the announcement of what the Russian president euphemistically called a “special military operation.”

Putin said the goal was “the disarmament and disarmament” of Ukraine.

Minutes later, missiles were launched towards Kyiv, Kharkiv and many other Ukrainian cities. For the Ukrainians who awoke to the sound of the effects, and then for the millions around the world who awoke to the news of Putin’s decision, the first reaction was shock.

Even those Ukrainians in government who have spent the past weeks rehearsing what to do in the event of a Russian attack were taken aback when the invasion became a reality.

“I panicked for 10 minutes as I was running around the house and had no idea what to do. Then I gathered myself up and went to work” Natalia Balasinovicthe mayor of Vasylkiv, a town outside Kyiv that hosts an air base that was bombed in the early hours of the war.

Not long after, makeshift checkpoints were erected across the country, volunteers flocked to sign up for territorial defense units, and even some retirees got to work making Molotov cocktails. At the same time, millions of people, mostly women and children, fled to western Ukraine, or crossed the border into neighboring countries.

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Biden meets allied leaders in Brussels to discuss the war in Ukraine

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