May 31, 2023

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Beckett Burge: The ‘miracle’ behind the photo of a child suffering from cancer is supported by his sister USA | Afri | Facebook | EC stories | The world

At just 2 years old, Beckett Burke was diagnosed with severe lymphoblastic leukemia.

After several months of chemotherapy, the boy fully recovered and was able to return home. He hopes to, soon, resume his daily activities. He wants to go to school. He likes to play. To run.

Enjoy childhood.

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Beckett diagnosis

A few years ago, a photo starring the little one Beckett Burke It spread through digital media and went around the world. You can see in the picture that he is getting his support Sister AubreyOne year older than him, the boy puts his hand on his back as he experiences the effects of chemotherapy.

The case was reported in September 2019 by their mother, Caitlin Burke, who shared the photos Facebook To raise awareness about childhood cancer.

“One thing they don’t tell you about childhood cancer is that it affects the whole family. The woman said in the release that it had over 70,000 reactions on the network and was shared more than 42,000 times.

“Children need support and bonding, they should not be away from the sick person. The most important thing is that they are taken care of regardless of the situation. When he vomited, he spent a lot of time in the bathroom with him. Stayed with him. Vomiting between gaming sessions. Waking up to pick up his brother. Standing up, he rubs his back when he’s not feeling well. It’s childhood cancer. “ Added.

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The mother appealed to various organizations and health agencies at the time to help her family. She even called Donald Trump, Then the President United States, So he would turn his eyes to that crude situation.

“You have to light up the White House for all of our children who are fighting this terrible disease.“, He commented.

At the time, Beckett’s prognosis was not promising.

It all started with an ear infection, but later doctors said that severe lymphoblastic leukemia was the cause of his health.

Severity of chemotherapy

Beckett He spent two years on chemotherapy to combat the disease. According to his family, he was unable to concentrate on starting education: he was very confused and could not understand many things.

It was a complicated process in which his sister Aubrey was with him from beginning to end.

“When she underwent chemotherapy, she was a mother figure,” Ms Burke told the Daily Mail, a British publication.

On August 8, the boy’s sessions ended. The last one had to be crossed surgery, But it was too late because it tested positive for Govit-19. Despite this, intervention is planned for this October, which will remove a port from the chest, an organ that will help inject drugs and draw blood.

Fortunately, Govt’s infection did not worsen his health.

The recovery of the little one

Nowadays, he enjoys his toys at home. He is, again, in the company of his relatives. In fact, Ms. Burke often shares the baby’s joy online by being in the pool or playing with her sister.

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Her hair grew back and she learned to read and walk again.

“They told me to delay the garden for a year because of the treatment. I said no. This baby has won cancer and there is nothing he can do.” Burke argued.

What’s more: Sometimes he wants to be more independent, and gives up the cooperation his sister offers him.

“She’s struggling with it because he’s seen his inner voice now, and every time she tries to help him, he says, ‘I can do it alone.’ The woman revealed.

Despite the side effects of treatment such as foot pain, the family looks after a child with greater self-confidence. They believe that everything will go well in the extraction of the port, so that Beckett will continue his ‘return to life’.


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