May 31, 2023

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BDS: When do they start their military service and what happens to the group? Q-Pop | Celebrities | Gin | Hype | | Fame

. Dismissed for military service? With a hugely popular gay-pop group and an army of millions of fans, it is at a crossroads because of itThey are already old enough to be required by law in South Korea. What will happen to the band? Do they have a lifesaver?

Questions and Answers: How much do you know about BTS?

Military service is a mandatory practice for two years by men between the ages of 18 and 28 in South Korea. However, HYBE is managing the possibility of postponing dates or releasing members of this obligation, taking into account the social impact of PDS.

It was believed that BTS could get rid of doing its military service, but this was questioned and here we tell you the details.

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Why should BTS members serve in the military?

A subcommittee of the South Korean National Security Council began debating on September 9 whether an amendment to South Korean law could only be accepted by a small group.

The commission also filed a complaint against the same South Korean defense ministry BTS was recently implemented as the so-called Military Service Exemption Act, which allows male artists who have been able to enhance the country’s reputation to serve in the military, rather than how it is for other people.

If the change in the law is rejected and Septuagint is exempted from doing his service, they should soon begin to say goodbye to the inclusion and fulfillment of their duties as citizens.

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What will happen to BTS?

In any case, the BTS team did not rule out the possibility of providing services to their country, which continues to be in tension with North Korea. They recently released their album Butter because members are considering the possibility of completing their service or leaving them all at once. What will the Army say?

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In which cases is military service not required in Korea?

South Korea has some exceptions when it comes to military service. This can happen in the case of professional athletes who have won international medals and, therefore, should not serve in the military. This also applies to classical musicians who have won a competition. Similarly, if the person has not completed high school or has severe physical or psychological problems, they may be exempt from military service.

What happens in the case of BDS?

The BTS team has reached a consensus where artists can postpone the process until the age of 30. Because, in 2018, they were decorated for their cultural and musical contributions, in recognition of their rapid rise and all the achievements they have surpassed in their lives.

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What would Army-age BTS members say to the Army? (Photo: Bighit Music Updates)

Which BTS member closes for military service?

29-year-old Jin is a BDS member close to the expulsion date. In September 2020, HYBE announced that Siokjin would enter the military at the end of 2021, the deadline for the artist to fulfill his duty.

What does Jin say about military service?

PTS member Jin said this about his military service in South Korea. “As a citizen of South Korea, enrollment is a fact and I will gladly respond when the country calls me. I plan to sign when the time comes.

How old are the members of BTS?

All BTS members are within the established range for active military service from 1992 to 1997. These are the ages of K-pop band members.

  • Jeon Jung-kuk: 24 years.
  • Kim Dae-hyung: 25 years.
  • Park G-Min: 25 years.
  • Kim Nam-Jun: 26 years.
  • Jung Ho-seok: 27 years.
  • E-Yoon-G: 28 years.
  • Kim Seok-jin: 28 years.

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