December 8, 2021

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Barraza Tomato | Miguel Barrasa | Corruption | Conflict | Miguelito Barராa is angry at ‘Tomato’ Barராa for corruption: “It prompts you to remove his last name” | Performances

Conflicts between And his former partner Charges such as infidelity, physical and psychological abuse ranging from alimony. This whole situation has come as a shock , Who is outraged and concerned about the slanders going on by his nephew and the slanders that directly affect his family.

“I was surprised to see all this, I do not understand what is happening to my son – in – law because he is a big man, he can not continue this, sometimes, provokes to snatch his last name. He (‘Tomat’ Barrasa) has to think about his daughters and their parents, in the end he is the most vulnerable and he fixes things in a high way because he has a career ”,” he said. ‘Sato’ Barrasa, said in a conversation with a local newspaper.

View: Vanessa Lopez accuses ‘Tomato’ Barrasa of cheating on her cousin while she was pregnant: “disgusting”

Also, The ‘Sato’ Barrasa He made it clear that he did not plan to retire because he wanted to give his talents to people until his health allowed. “I’m 70 now, I’ve survived three strokes, I’m feeling strong.”, He revealed.

In turn, by contact a ‘Magali TV, La Firma’ reporter, Vanessa Lopez Warned with condemnation ‘Tomato’ Barrasa For physical and psychological violence against his eldest son.

“I will also report my son’s psychological and physical abuse, and I have proof of that,” he said. Stressed the model.

On the other hand, during an interview on the show ‘Love and Fire’, Both sides had a strong exchange of words in addition to starting strong qualifying matches. Vanessa Lopez has accused Carlos Barராa of using drugs so what Taking people to the United States illegally. Facing this accusation, The singer underwent a toxicology test, where it turned out to be negative and confirmed that he was going to file a defamation suit against the mother of his last daughter.

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“Of course, when he talks about alcohol, drugs and human trafficking, what he did is a serious slander. The complaint would be slander.” Replied Trom After consulting on taking legal action.

Carlos Barசாa placeholder image Went to the set of Rodrigo Gonzalez To comment on the allegations of his ex-partner Vanessa Lopez. It is highly controversial that he would have demanded a reduction in the minor pension.

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