March 26, 2023

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Australia | Simon Nellist: They suspect the big white shark ate the swimmer for how he dressed in the small bay | The world

Experts agree with that Last Wednesday in the Little Bay area of ​​Sydney, He did so because the wet suit he was wearing and the hot water he wore were mistaken for branding him because of the unusual wet suit among swimmers.

Expert Chris Pepin-Nef, The author of a work dedicated to sharks, News said What The beast may have misunderstood the bather who was lurking under the sea, probably because of the clothes. He further clarified: “This is not crazy”.

View: A giant white shark kills and eats a swimmer off Australia’s Little Bay

He traveled about ten kilometers daily from his home in Wally Creek, Britain and swam in the canal. Little Bay To Malaba to train for a charity swimming event. “I always wear a wet suit, but the water here is so hot that no one else wears it.”He told the Daily Mail Australia BarbaraExperienced 85 year old swimmer.

Pepin-Nef Clarified that “It is not insane that sharks bite humans thinking we may fall prey”, And explained that 80% of attacks are“ runaway ”because the predator recognizes that it is not“ prey ”after the bite. That is why he argued, Most human deaths are caused by sharks “Blood loss” caused by injury. “There have been only 10 or 12 attacks worldwide in the last 30 years.”He added.

Expert Lawrence Klebeck Agreed with his colleagues “The shark may have mistaken Simon for a seal”. Marine scientist Vanessa ByrotaFor his part, ABC News promised these conditions “Rare and Rare”. He added that the swimmer, who was being actively sought by Australian authorities, would never be seen again.

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The sad moment of killing a shark while bathing in Australia.

This was the first attack on Sydney since 1963. Beaches in the area have been closed since the incident, which shocked witnesses. One of them described how he swallowed “body parts” after splitting the shark in half. The alarm sounded immediately and rescue helicopters and lifeguards were dispatched in jet skis to search for the swimmer.

“A man was swimming when a shark came and struck him vertically.”Said the fisherman Chris Lindo To do Nine messages. “We heard,” he continued, “a scream and we turned,” It looked like a car had plunged into the water, a huge explosion, then a shark had bitten the body and there was blood everywhere. “.

The remains of the victim were found in the water shortly afterwards. Parts of a vest suit were also recovered, which Simon Nellist wore while swimming. Hot water Australians.

The state government of New South Wales has spent millions of dollars on technology to reduce shark attacks along its coast. Networks have been used on 51 beaches, drones and listening stations, which can monitor large white sharks by satellite and send an alert if one is spotted.


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