January 18, 2022


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Attorney Rafael Vela declared Keiko Fujimori’s request to cancel the new trial unsubstantiated.

Fursa Popular’s former presidential candidate, Keiko Fujimori, Will be preliminarily investigated by counsel Jose Domingo Perez Gomes, Prisoner no broadcast audios Vladimir Montesinos Tried to violate General Elections 2021.

It was ordered by a senior lawyer who co-ordinates the Special Committee for the Autobiography and Lava Jato cases, Raphael Vela, Declared that Fujimori’s legal protection was unsubstantiated in his request to rescind the provision issued by his office, authorizing attorney Perez Gomez to accept responsibility for the preliminary investigation.

In a resolution he can access RPP News, High Advocate Raphael Vela The initial investigation was based on two complaints, which led to cross-cutting incidents involving an investigation by attorney Perez Gomez into contributions to the presidential campaign. Keiko Fujimori Between 2011 and 2016.


In addition, the High Court argues that the Special Committee for Money Laundering, as well as the relevant facts arising out of the ‘Lava Jado’ case, have special competence, including matters that may lead to a perpetuation or continuity. Modus operandi of a criminal organization ‘, which is subject to investigation and trial.

Supreme Advocate Raphael Vela The lawsuit was probably funded by Fursa Popular, a law enforcement agency. Jose Domingo Perez Gomes This started with a recent initial investigation Keiko Fujimori And his political group accused of money laundering.

Security order

Legal protection Keiko Fujimori Raised the absolute zero of this arrangement because they considered it to infringe on the fundamental right of pre-established practice. In addition, they pointed out that the appointment of Perez Gomez was illegal, for which they requested that all proceedings be referred to the competent attorney’s office.

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Earlier, the former presidential candidate had indicated that he would seek to remove attorney Perez Gomez from the preliminary hearing because he was said to be “pro”. In that sense, he promised that the audios were “assembled” by Vladimiro Montesinos.

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