September 29, 2022

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Arriba mi gente falsely announces death of Queen Elizabeth II Video Latino project sees fake account and receives criticism on popular networks | programs

The news It has attracted worldwide attention, sometimes disabling the transmission of various programs from different countries. One of them’‘, Latina’s, though they were mistaken, declared ‘king’.Commonwealth country‘He has already passed away. The fact has not gone unnoticed by network users.

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Shanti Lesmes From his cell phone he showed the Twitter account of the British media BBC. However, he didn’t realize it was a false profile. Other drivers started telling more details about his life Queen Isabel IIThis error is unknown.

“BBC, CNN and no less The Guardian”; “Here they already killed her”; “PerĂºsalem”, some messages posted by different users when they realized the error of the Latin program. Many asserted a verification error when declaring this fact.

‘Arriba mi gente’ drivers announce the death of Queen Elizabeth II

It should be noted that Twitter recently suspended a fake BBC account that claimed Queen Elizabeth II had died. And not only ‘Arriba mi gente’ but also various users of social networks have been affected by this misinformation.

What about Queen Elizabeth II?

Queen Elizabeth II of England, 96, is under medical observation at Balmoral Castle (Scotland). Following a medical examination, Buckingham’s doctors expressed “concern for Her Majesty’s health”. Her closest relatives travel to Balmoral to be with her at this difficult time.

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