May 31, 2023

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Argentina: The love story that led the priest to marry a nun: “I do not want a life without her” | Mercedes Tarragona and Daniel Genovesi | Description | EC stories | | The world

Mercedes Tarragona is 22 years old and Daniel Genovesi, 26. She is a nun, sister of the church of Mercedarias del Niño Jess. He was a Catholic priest. Organizer: Venado Turto, Santa Fe () His love story – yes, love – will be published in Daniel’s autobiography this year, and the American content distributor production company is already in talks to create an audiovisual miniseries based on this story.

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Mercedes explains very intelligently and passionately: “What happened was, I lived in a small box and I was fine with that little box. But when I met Daniel, he opened the windows for me. Also lots of light outside, lots of beautiful things outside”.

Mercedes, who has been in the convent since the age of 17, was never educated to understand his emotions. He compared what he began to feel for Daniel with the story of his spiritual friends St. Scholastica and St. Benedict. Although she did not know that what she felt was love, she was able to identify that she wanted to spend her time with Daniel. Also, it was a necessity.

To Daniel, it is not clear who he is , I started working with her, and by spending time with her, I grew to feel. As a priest he was never dissatisfied with his work.

Daniel and Mercedes when they wore the hats. (Photo: The Nation).

“I did not fall in love. I have never had a girlfriend. “ர சி து Daniel. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. But in this case, the affection grew without restrictions and restrictions. Daniel wanted to invite Mercedes on Christmas because he wanted to share the feeling he felt on the morning of the celebration.

As it is the rule

Although they did not plan to see each other, they still met. In the situation where you accidentally spent many hours together they ended up not looking for it. It was as if the madness of love had changed everything around them so they could spend time with each other.

We have thousands of meetings and events that are not organized by usDaniel recalled.

Mercedes left the convent leaving her path as a nun. And in theory I will never interfere again DanielBut he invited her to work with him in the diocese of Venado Turto, in Santa Fe, Argentina.

“I went with short pants and a leather jacket”, ர சி து Mercedes. That is, she was wearing shorts and a leather jacket because she had already abandoned the official spiritual path. According to Mercedes, it was doubtful whether Daniel would love her without order, he was not interested in her, but she was afraid of the role she was playing.

Daniel and Mercedes once came out of the clergy.  (Photo: The Nation =.
Daniel and Mercedes once came out of the clergy. (Photo: The Nation =.

Although Daniel fell in love with her when Mercedes wore the nun’s habit, he fell in love with her when he met her. His personality and his way of thinking. In the end, even though she changed her dress, he was already obsessed with her. When he noticed that she was not in the religious organization and decided to move to another city with him, he decided to change his life.

Mercedes chose to leave its world and come to my world, and when I can no longer live in my world, to leave that world with which I am familiar to start together.”, Explains the former priest. Mercedes, she could not continue in the emotional situation she was in, in which she explained that she loved him, but she could not be with him.

She did not go out of order Daniel, But admits that part of why she no longer lives happily with that habit lies in how she feels about it. When Mercedes warned Venado Turto to leave, Daniel realized he did not want a life without her.

“It’s decided to go down a path together.” A year after resigning from the Mercedes Convent, Daniel left the clergy. He celebrated his last birthday in public, and the following Monday he presented letters of resignation from Curia.

Life outside the clergy

They decided to start anew in a city unknown to anyone, so they moved to the capital, Buenos Aires. It was a difficult time for them to begin living outside the clergy because they knew nothing about the world; How to dress or comb their hair, they do not know about music. Everything they learned was related to their spiritual path.

Daniel’s friend helped them in those first moments. He explained to them how to behave and talk about everyday things, instead of the superficial and profound topics they always touch on.

I got pregnant after a few months together and lost that son, who died two hours after he was born”, Says Mercedes. He explains that in those early years they had to learn many things together. How to work, healthy sex and emotional living, until dealing with the loss of a child together. During those years, they learned the web of catching others.

Daniel Genovesi and Mercedes Terragona with their daughters Camila and Maria Clara.  (Photo: The Nation).
Daniel Genovesi and Mercedes Terragona with their daughters Camila and Maria Clara. (Photo: The Nation).

They eventually converted to Anglicanism as Daniel was called back by spirituality. Leaving the Catholic religion, the two were able to find a path with God that allowed them to marry and enjoy their daughters, while Daniel could use the priesthood. Mercedes realized he could cure his past pains.

‘Heal Your Past’ Mercedes mentions her bad experiences with some of the Catholic clergy. They did not see or appreciate that this was honest love between a man and a woman, they decided to live their relationship legally, without secrecy, without ‘half’, which was a little less than love. For God who realized both ..

Daniel decided to write a letter to Pope Francis asking him what he would do with those who left the priesthood and continued on the path of faith. Like him, he called to look for men who believed in the safety of Curia. Coincidentally, the letter was able to reach the Vatican, and he had the great gesture to write me a reply.

Finally, the Pope replied that it was true and that he recognized that there were many like Daniel. Decided to include that detail in the autobiography now being edited: ‘Dear Brother’.

Recently, Daniel and Mercedes celebrated their wedding anniversary on Friday.  (Photo: The Nation).
Recently, Daniel and Mercedes celebrated their wedding anniversary on Friday. (Photo: The Nation).

Love has no boundaries

The Council of Bishops of South America invited Daniel to take over as Anglican Bishop of Uruguay. “It happened in September 2018. A month later, we said goodbye to Argentina, renewing our vows and celebrating Friday.” Mercedes went with him as a missionary.

When you make a decision, doors open that would never have opened if you had not made that decision.Mercedes claims to have the phrase in their refrigerator. He believes that this is the path that God has set for them because all the doors are open to help others and continue on their spiritual path.

Mercedes (53) and Daniel (57) are married and have two daughters: Camila (23) and Maria Carla (26). The couple lives in Punta del Este, where he is an Anglican bishop who founded the Soul Institute, which – as professional therapists – helps people around the world. “Messi” is the trainer for the only mother union parenting program in Latin America, specializing in psychology and having a master’s degree in neuro Linguistic programming. Daniel studied psychology, holds an MBA in human resource management and is a professor of theology and philosophy.And they love each other frantically, which is no small matter.


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