January 26, 2022


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Argentina | Javier Correa | Dealer kills thief who tried to steal his bicycle and is now in jail for “bad murder” | Moreno | Eduardo Maidan | City of Moreno | The world

The thief who stole the bicycle from the food distributor in Moreno, Also, he was in hospital because he was beaten when the victim in the robbery beat him, and he died after a week of torture, for which the case was re-tried and charged. “Worst Murder” To the other who has been detained by the supply and prosecution.

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Javier Correa, 22, died yesterday at Largate Hospital in San Miguel, where he has been hospitalized since Sept. 19, according to judicial sources. Many head trauma Suffered after purchase of feet.

With the death of Korea, the situation of the two prisoners in this case worsened, they were Eduardo Maidan, 19, now a food distributor attacked by the dead, and Rodrigo Tejeta, 29, The truck driver they chased caught the bicycle thief.

Judicial sources told T newslam news agency Finance Louisa Pontegorvo, Moreno’s Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) N ° 3, has already announced to both that they are now charged. “Murder by betrayal has increasedI.e., in the victim’s insecure position, with the ground “Author” And Tejeta “Required Participant”. There is only one sentence for this crime: Life sentence.

In addition, Maidana has been charged by a lawyer. “Robot”, Because, according to the images of the security video camera that recorded the incident, after beating Korea fainted He took off her sandals and carried her away.

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Spokesmen said the two detainees had sought their bail before the court Unusual releaseAlso, they will be questioned on Thursday for a new criminal classification, after the attorney receives and analyzes Korea’s autopsy report.

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On Sunday, the 19th of this month, at 21 o’clock, the ground was full I work as a food delivery guy, Villa Trujillo, in the vicinity of Lomas Verdes, Carrego and Aeronautica were attacked in Argentina.

Thief Beat him and pick up the bike. After the attack, Maidan asked a Peugeot 504 pickup driver for help to pursue the attacker until he was unaware of it.

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On Perusario Roldin Street, between Aquitaine and Ecuador, in the vicinity of Trujillo 202, the truck locked the bicycle and Korea fell. The entire sequence was recorded by a security camera, the key evidence of which is in the video file. There Maidana got out of Larry’s bed, first gave him a punch, then threw the bicycle at him, and immediately, He was hit in the head by at least 10 people Korea, until he fainted. The video also shows the delivery man approaching Korea again, taking off his shoes and riding the recovered bicycle.

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Criminal attorney Hugo Lopez Carrebero told Talam that he would represent Oswaldo Antonio Correa, the father of the dead thief, who would present himself as a victim in the case.

“The law protects legal protection, but there is no revenge beyond the law. There is no Talian law here, it is not ‘eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth’. And we firmly believe that this is a murder and that it deserves the maximum punishment.”, Said Lopez Carribero.

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Although the lawyer admitted that the case had only just begun, he assessed it as a case in point “This will definitely end up in the jury trial.”

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“In that final debate, we’m going to ask for a life sentence because it’s based on what’s established by the Penal Code.” Came to an end.

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