May 31, 2023

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Argentina Elections 2021: Who is the radical liberal Javier Miley who will end his country’s “political caste”? | The world

51-year-old economist, radical liberal and provocative, It emerged as an election event in Buenos Aires, where the center-left ruling coalition Frente de Todos came in second in Sunday’s parliamentary election with a speech against politicians.

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“I did not come here to lead the lambs, but to raise the lions”, He shouts Mercy Dozens of supporters in a square applauded him enthusiastically. “Long live freedom, alas!” He shouts again, accusing Argentina of “political caste” for its evils, in which he does not discriminate between right-left or opposition government.

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He is on the campaign trail, but his election campaign mostly involves the economic “class” of young people and the male public, distrustful of politics, famed for this intellectual form in which books are cut off at the end of the process.

“Be honest, don’t hit around the bush”, He was praised by Daniel Guerrero, an electromechanics student, who lives in the very simple south of Buenos Aires, where he will run in his first election.

In the square, a line was drawn to join his new Freedom Party, which came third in the Argentine capital with 13.6% of the vote in the forced primary elections in September.

Javier Milei poses for a selfie with a follower. (JUAN MABROMATA / AFP).

“Today, in Argentina, There is a broad socialism created by everything called political caste. We call caste everything that has come from time immemorial and does not want to leave power. Says Matías Miro, a 40-year-old freedom activist.

According to opinion polls, its strength is growing and the center-right coalition is concerned, Who has ruled Buenos Aires since 2007, does not want votes to be deducted from him. Former President Mauricio Macri (2015-2019) recently announced that “the views expressed by Milei are the views I have always expressed”.

“Cultural War”

With curious hair, Miley is a controversial character who has not combed her hair for years.

He has published several books, while being accused of stealing entire passages. In addition, he had a radio show on the Internet called “Demoliento Midos”. Ramiro Marra, his co-founder for the Chamber of Deputies, is a YouTube star with a channel that teaches him how to invest in bitcoins.

“Getting into politics does not mean abandoning the cultural war. We are going to continue the cultural war, but even from within now ”, Dice Mercy To the AFP when explaining his decision to consolidate the parliament he considers to have been victimized by thieves.

Javier Milei is giving an open public economy class at the Plaza San Martினn in Buenos Aires before the midterm elections on October 19, 2021.  (JUAN MABROMATA / AFP).
Javier Milei is giving an open public economy class at the Plaza San Martினn in Buenos Aires before the midterm elections on October 19, 2021. (JUAN MABROMATA / AFP).

“We will never create new taxes, we will never go against life, we will never go against freedom, we will never go against property. We are going to send plans to remove this repression of the state on the people. Promising this man who wants to quote the glories of the nineteenth century, Juan Batista Alberti, the instigator of the Constitution, said: “He who does not believe in freedom as a source of wealth is unworthy of being free or does not know how to be rich.”

In the international arena, he does not care to be compared to former US President Donald Trump or Brazilian President Jair Bolzano.

All social classes

Miley’s followers are mostly men between the ages of 18 and 40, from all walks of life, According to Diego Rhinoso, a political scientist at the University of San Andres.

“Economically – in a low position, a high market – and other values, for example, his opposition to abortion is clearly right-wing.”, What’s inside Argentina The political scientist says it has been legal since 2020.

Javier Millie is 51 years old.  (JUAN MABROMATA / AFP).
Javier Millie is 51 years old. (JUAN MABROMATA / AFP).

His sermon against the “political caste” he blames for the economic, social and political crisis in Argentina puts him “out of the political system. It allows him to make a speech against a clear institution, from where he invests a lot,” says Rhinoso.

And in the most backward areas of the Argentine capital, their votes were slightly higher than average, echoing their criticisms of government intervention.

“There is an explanation. There are people in those areas who have a proper job, and even if they try, they can’t get out of there and complain about the discounts they give. One might think that these sectors are asking for more financial and tax pressure, but that is not the case,” the analyst said.

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