May 31, 2023

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Argentina | Daisy | The son of President Alberto Fernandez will change his ID because he feels like a “non-binary person” | NNDC | The world

Daisy, son , Announced that he was getting his non-binary ID. After this Officialized To identify these individuals in the National Identity Document (DNI) or passport.

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“I don’t consider myself a human being, I consider myself a non-binary person”, Dixie revealed live on what he did on his Instagram account . In addition, he asked not to be called Stanislas.

“I don’t like it. I’ve never been identified with that name in my life. That’s why I didn’t even say it. Please don’t call me that.””, He pointed out.

Digi added: “When the government approves a law, that law is normalized. Today it is not uncommon to see a gay couple getting married since the same marriage was approved. These rights must first be recognized by the government. “.

In that sense, Dixie continued: “Beyond its scarcity, people need to rebuild themselves. More and more people are normalizing it. There are obviously evil ones: transphobic, homophobic.”.

In the comments, a user asked Dishi that it is a non-binary object that is not identified with “any gender”.

“There are different genders within the spectrum: male, female, non-binary, queen, gender fluid”, Replied.

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“X” for non-binary

Argentina will allow “non-binary” persons, i.e. those who do not identify themselves with gender, to identify themselves with “X” in their National Identity Document (DNI) and passports.

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With this unprecedented initiative, the country became the first in Latin America to exercise the aforementioned right.

“We go a little bit by making what seemed impossible possible, and every day we get closer to the ideal, that when we are all ‘all’, no one cares about people’s sex.”, Argentine President Alberto Fernandez, at a ceremony in Buenos Aires, handed over the first three documents with the new rules to three people.

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